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So, Happy Thanksgiving! This is the day we American’s give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon our little corner of the universe. Things like over-cooked turkey and time for X-plane, and…oh yes, freedom. The freedom to not have to use Ms FsX or P3D. The blessings of Flomax and low-cost, efficacious hemorrhoidal ointments, and more Starbucks Coffee shops than there are stars in the heavens.

The new Denver International is out there too, but I haven’t decided on getting it or not. Denver is such a bleak city and that dismal airport sits on a barren, windswept plateau loaded with lots of prairie-dog do-do; in short, the area is ugly, the weather atrocious, and cruddy shoes are the norm. And the wind out there is a bitch. From mid-morning through late-evening the winds howl with a ferocity you have to experience to truly appreciate. It’s bad enough in winter (when snow gets added to the fun) but truly frightening in summer, when massive anvil-headed t-storms and tornadoes usually make their typical late afternoon appearance. Interstate Highway 25 runs north from the New Mexican border up to Wyoming, and large 18-wheelers routinely get toppled by the winds all year round. Maybe it’s the proximity of the Rocky Mountains, with the east-setting jet streams adding their punch to the mix, but there’s hardly any place windier in the US than that arid plain just east of downtown Denver.

So, maybe I’ll get it. Until then, here’s a useful new freeware file…to get you through your post-turkey blues.


RJOM hdr

RJOM Matsuyama has a lot going for it. Located a hundred or so miles south of Hiroshima on the island of Shikoku, Matsuyama is the largest city on the island and home to numerous shrines, but also to ancient hot springs in use since medieval times. Haiku poetry is celebrated here, as well.

The airport is linked to all major Japanese markets, including Sapporo, as well as Shanghai and Korea. ANA and Japan Airlines are the big players here, so you’ll be able to use anything from 767s to turboprops.

RJOM real 1

In Google Earth, you’ll find several industrial-looking towers, perhaps oil cracking towers, adjacent to many parts of the airport. While these aren’t modeled, you’ll find that the rest of the airport is quite accurately presented. In short, no Lego-brick terminals here…just lots of custom objects. This is NOT your average freeware file, folks. This one is really quite good.

RJOM real 2

Even the control tower is quite accurately modeled. Glass elements are less successful, however. Below, images from the file:

rjom 1

When you look at scenery files all day certain things begin to stick out…things like entry areas and surrounding details. Sidewalks, curbs, fencing, pedestrian lighting, foliage, all things many developers consider as secondary to their efforts. That’s a problem, because these elements are vital to the overall success of a file, and planning for them allows the developer to position these things for greatest impact. The only thing missing around this terminal is foliage near the passenger entry areas.


This airport works quite well in X-plane 11.30b5; taxiways are simple and nicely marked, the ILS works as advertised, and the surrounding mountains are quite lovely. This file is well executed and really quite close to payware quality, and if collecting airports in Japan this is a Must Have file.

Link here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/28159-rjom-matsuyama-airport/


Well, the holiday shopping season is upon us. We should start to see lots of new files for Xp releasing over the next month or so. Happy days! We’ll see you soon – C

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