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A couple of noteworthy airports to look over today; the first is a new file from xpfr – and it’s been worth the wait. Next up, a smaller airport in Paraguay; it’s not complete and so not particularly impressive at this point in time, but it is an out of the way airport you just might want on hand. And last, a very interesting paint for the FF A320… Ready on the coffee?


LFST hdr

Located in northeast France and in the Alsace region, xpfr’s LFST is, along with LFSB Basel, a pair of outstanding airport files – and both located in a part of France usually neglected by payware developers. LFST also has another strike going against it – the terminal is a complex structure covered with unusual materials, and the attached control tower is an equally unique design. Both appear more than somewhat difficult to model accurately, and that keeps payware developers away too.

Let’s look at these two buildings, first at the real facility then in xpfr’s file.


The main terminal is hard to classify: part nordic ski lodge and part siege bunker, the deep dormers and skylights, along with the enormous number of angled roof elements is a scenery designer’s nightmare. The control tower, with its gently radiused arcs, is equally difficult, especially with all those angled, inset windows – and glassed-in stairways.

LFST real 2

First things first – starting below…you just know things are on the right track when the developer models the airport railway station. Maybe see a static train here and a few people on the platform…but no big deal. Next up, that crazy terminal building. Maybe there are traces of Mayan influence in the design, or perhaps even lingering elements of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Los Angeles Usonian designs…whatever it is this is a wild one. The only detracting elements? Parking lots and lighting. Some confusing transitions between ortho lots and custom made lots, and no HDR effects on the building’s exterior.

LFST term 1

As mentioned, a big drawback re: the terminal is the lack of HDR lighting effects. There are no lights on it at all, yet it remains at the same state of illumination regardless. If there are lighted windows at night it’s hard to tell.

And now, the GC tower: the real design is complex and this is a close approximation, sans the little arcs, otherwise quite close to the real. The stairways are another matter. Still, a good effort and it looks great from the ramps.

LFST tower

Take note: Runway 23 is Cat 3b and there are good charts from the usual vendors; good thing, as there’s a lot of fog in the area.

LFST chart

The facility is a little larger than expected when seen from the pattern (or if starting down on the ramps), and taxiing out to the active is simplicity itself. The ILS on 23 works well.


Ramps are a riot of painted markings and there are people milling about, as well as a good amount of ground clutter.


Lighting is fair to good and there are about three billion flags waving about…all in all, immersive, detailed, and I think you’ll like the terminal. Nothing like it in X-plane, and with Basel and this file onboard you’ll be set to add the Alsace region to your network.

Get the file here: http://www.xpfr.org/?body=scene_accueil&sc=249


SGES hdr

Paraguay is one of two land-locked countries in South America and so has no coastal plains, as such Paraguay is unique as her airports are all relatively far from the sea. SGES Guarani is even more interesting, being named for the indigenous people of the area, the Guarani. If the name stumps you perhaps it’s time to go back and watch a film called The Mission, which was about the interactions of Spanish noblemen and the Jesuits, and also the Guarani people caught in the middle.

Guar real

Above, the real terminal, and the file’s terminal does not look like this at all. Below, the airport is covered by major charting services.

SGES chart

Currently, there is little activity at the airport, with a reorganizing Paraguayan airline trying to get off the ground. As such, there’s one good reason to keep this one around: it’s located about halfway between Santiago, Chile and Rio, so it’ll make a nice place to break up a flight between those two cities.


Get the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48484-paraguay-aeropuerto-internacional-guarani/


320 CSKA

Here’s a great paint for the FF A320; the file was up all day and pulled this evening. If the link comes back up I’ll post it.

That’s all for now. Seeya next time – C

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