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xsr sugar loaf

Let’s look at that second Rio area airport today, as well as a revised freeware airport in Tunisia. Along the way, we’ll take in a few more Hot and Fresh paints for the new FF763, so let’s hit the road…


SBGL hdr

So…you say you don’t know the name Antonio Carlos Jobim? Ah…well, you’re probably not alone. Still, odds are you know the song The Girl From Ipanema, a piece made famous in the U.S. by Frank Sinatra in 1968, but Jobim’s contributions to Latin American music were larger still and became the stuff of legend. The mascot of the 2016 Olympic Games, those just held in Rio, was named “Tom” – in honor of the name Jobim went by – and Galeão Airport was renamed in Jobim’s honor after his death in 1994. There just aren’t too many airports in the world named after musicians – John Lennon in Liverpool, W. A. Mozart in Salzburg come to mind – so it’s a curiously rare phenomenon. What is it about music that can come to define an era, or even a culture? And what does it say about the things we hold most dear that we’d name a large commercial institution after an intensely private musician?

If you’ve not listened to the 1967 collaboration between Sinatra and Jobim…well…I’d recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in music generally – and in jazz more specifically. Try the piece Dindi, or even Corcovado for a taste of the magic that arose when these two legends came together, and if you get a chance to read the liner notes someday…they are fascinating.


The Brazilian airport SBGL has had a long and somewhat tortured history as a commercial airport; the facility was originally an air base – and the air base is still active on this site – though the union has frequently been an unhappy one. Still, the commercial needs of the region were best met by this field as SBRJ Santos Dumont was too limited by the surrounding city to expand.

Recall we looked at SBRJ last week? Well, GloballART’s SBRJ and SBGL should be considered complimentary scenery files, and having one without the other simply make little sense. Not only are the airports unusually close to one another, but complimentary Rio city objects are included in each – not both – so, for instance, in order to see the renowned Christ the Redeemer monument looming over the city – along with the cable car up to the summit of Sugar-Loaf Mountain – you need both airport files. Another consideration? SBRJ handles a limited number of domestic flights, while SBGL-Jobim handles all the heavy international stuff – and then some. Even so, both airports are served by a relatively limited number of carriers, and with the demise of VARIG in 2010 almost all flights to Europe and North America have been handled by these respective countries flag carriers.

I personally find the old VARIG paint from the 50s and 60s, the one first seen globally on VARIG’s 707-320s, to be one of the very best liveries ever. The lines and colors are classic, the brand unmistakable, and ‘fscabral’ – one of the best livery painters in X-plane – just added the 763 to his collection of VARIG liveries, and it’s gorgeous. His paint is a fitting tribute to the airline, and a perfect compliment to GloballART’s SBGL file.


GloballART’s original v1 file was completely revamped last summer and, together with the same developers SBRJ, make a compelling case for adding a new South American destination to your existing route network. BA, Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, LOT, Edelweiss, TAP, Iberia, KLM and Norwegian Air Shuttle all call on this airport from Europe, while American, Delta and United handle the chores to North America. Notably, there’s also non-stop service to SCEL Santiago, Chile by several carriers, linking that great airport file to Rio and adding yet another route to your available options.


SBGL-Jobim can handle any size aircraft, up to and including the A380, and note that Air France’s inaugural run with the very first Concorde was direct service to Rio, and to this very airport.

SBGL chart

The facility is covered by all major charting packages, too.

SBGL 319

GloballART’s file is complete in every regard, from PBM/HDR materials to layout. The ortho used is high resolution but objects are used for depictions of cars and ground service facilities & related vehicles. There are massive air cargo facilities, nice though limited GA and biz-jet ramps, a number of flutterbug pads (most lighted, as below). Ramp lighting is excellent while pavement markings are intact but faded, matching the weathered nature of the surrounding ramps and runways. The region’s highways are modeled with care when they get close to the airport.

Below, a quick hop in the Bell 407 passing the Christ the Redeemer statue on the way to SBRJ – via Sugar Loaf mountain. Keep an eye out for the blue-lighted statue and the cable car station atop the mountain…


These off-grounds features are well detailed, with ancillary tourist facilities modeled in appropriate areas, and both are defining cultural landmarks – as well as noted navigation points.

SBGL is a 10/10 Must Have file for long distance international flights to the US, Europe, Africa, and major South American cities. Together with SBRJ, these two create a nicely immersive urban landscape and so, you might say, they make beautiful music together. Frank and Tom would approve.

SBGL is available at all the usual outlets, including the Org Store; price is just under 30 buckeroos USD. fscabral’s 763 paint is located here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48378-varig-pp-voj-for-767-300-professional-extended-from-flight-factor/


DTNH hdr

DTNH Enfidha is Tunisia’s largest airport, true enough, but it is also the second largest airport on the African continent (after Johannesburg, SA), and as the sun falls towards the southern horizon every winter the flights from Eastern Europe and Russia start heading this way. With pristine beaches, an ideal climate, and an established tourist friendly resort network…is it any wonder?

DTNH chart

Most flights from Western Europe are handled by TUI/Thomas Cook, and we just happen to have another relevant new paint for the 763 today (link here).


This airport simply looks better at night in it’s current state, though the developer is working on revisions. Still, it’s good enough as is for most OPS, and if interested in North African destinations you won’t want to miss this one.

Get it here, too: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47260-dtnh-enfidha-hammamet/

That’s all for today…we’ll see you soon – C


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