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xsr edwy

Looks like a busy weekend ahead for painters; tons of new liveries will be needed for the 767-200, as well as that great new freighter, and the community seems to be reacting with speed so far. Good news that, wot…?

aeroSoft still has at least two new scenery files in the pipeline, for Geneva and Genoa. Work on LSGG ought to be about done now, so my guess is this one will be with us soon.

Lots of freeware to go over today, so better grab a HUGE cup of java because your weekend edition of x+s+r is ready to roll.


GHD hdr

First out the gate with new 767 files were lidirico and dpv09, with lidirico creating all three necessary JarDesigns GHD sets and dpv09 the first paint for the 762, for the Dynamic Airways 762 seen just below at ruifo’s new MMCU. This first image has only the equipment that comes with the FF767 series aircraft, and so no JarDesign’s equipment. Same with the second image, with the AAL 762 at EDDP. The third image, the LH Star Alliance image, has all JD equipment, as does the fourth…but note, you can mix and match to your hearts content, but only the FF GPU works to power ship’s systems.

762 GHD

Lidirico’s JD file for the 763 is seen below intermixed with FF elements, and two versions of the Icelandair paint came out last night, both by arctic pilot (links here), as well as a new JAL (link here), seen at Tokyo Haneda.

763 GHD

Lidirico also got his freighter version for the 763 out last night, and this one just looks great. Add some FF ground elements for a riot of activity on the ramps around the aircraft, et voila:

763F GHD

Note the smooth arc of the new version’s wing-flex, as well as subtle gradations of fog and light rendered by Xp11.30b2.


ruifo’s MMCU Chihuahua is located near the Big Bend region of SW Texas, so it makes sense there’s service to DFW via American Eagle and Houston/Bush via United, while even Mexican flag carrier Volaris handles traffic to DIA-Denver. Lots of domestic flights from here too, from MMMX on AeroMexico to Baja on Calafia. A lot of tourist traffic comes to visit the region’s mountains, as well as Copper Canyon via the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad, regarded by many as the most scenic railway line in the Americas.


Link here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48206-mx-mmcu-chihuahua-intl-airport-2018/


EDWY hdr

tdg continues to buildout airports along the North German – East Frisian coast, and this time one of my very favorite airports gets the whole tdg treatment. I’ve been using a couple of v9 files for EDWY forever and they were decent enough, but tdg went the extra mile here and really did this island airport justice. I am in Hogg Heaven tonight!

First things first: tdg’s file includes a representation of the island’s main settlement, the town of Norderney. A noted tourist destination with a number of seaside hotels and spas, the island has attracted tourists since Napoleons time. Today, high speed ferries carry tourists and townspeople alike, but note there is no scheduled air service to the airport here. On the chart below note the location of Helgoland: Norderney makes an ideal jumping off point to go out to the island.

EDWY chart.png

Now, let’s look at tdg’s latest…


Diversions on final are always a good thing, the marina/harbor in town is a first for Xp. Below, there are bicyclists, a woman walking her dog, people sitting on benches…all sorts of human activity…and these are the things we rarely see in our scenery files. Good to find them here.


Anyway, this file is a gem. Get this one, and tdg’s recent efforts in the region, and fly the area on your own, or read The Riddle of the Sands…then fly around these islands with one foot in history.

Link here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48210-edwy-norderney-airport/


KSGF hdr

Country music, Hollywood variety shows, mega-concerts in massive outdoor amphitheaters, and, well, yes…Dolly Parton, too…all bring people to Branson, Missouri, and many of these folks come via KSGF Springfield-Branson, located in nearby Springfield, Missouri. Allegiant, American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express all carry passengers to their big brothers’ hubs, and most people head to Branson for the live music.


Link here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48209-ksgf-springfield-branson-national/


Chandler, Arizona isn’t home to much, not when compared to Branson, Missouri anyway, but it is close to Phoenix and that makes all the difference. One of the 50 busiest GA airports in the US, KCHD typically sees over 150,000 aircraft movements per annum. There’s no commercial service here, but a whole bunch of flight and aviation tech schools. No doubt because of all the rainy weather in Arizona, eh…?

If contemplating a network of GA airports to traverse the US, this will be a good one to add to your collection. Great looking file, too.


Link here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48236-kchd-chandler-municipal-airport/

And that about does it for today. We’re working on the next edition, and we’ll seeya then.

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