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xsr mmgl hdr

The theme for the day? It’s good to be wrong…sometimes.

Anyway, Delta held a big public ceremony yesterday down in Atlanta welcoming their newest aircraft to the family – and reports are the event was well attended and the baby Airbus was equally well received.


I can’t help but think Boeing is going to regret not taking on Bombardier as a partner over Embraer, as the odds are the little C Series jet is going to be a real game changer. The more you read about this aircraft the more impressive it seems, too. With both JetBlue and Delta now firmly onboard the future looks good for the new Baby Bus, while the order book at Embraer has been flattening recently…as more and more potential customers hold their breath and watch public reception to the little Bus. Again, the more people who take a flight on this thing the better it gets, and in Europe its gaining a real following as the most comfortable little jet on the market.

In a similar vein, I wonder why SSG chose to do the CRJ-700 over the new “Airbus.” I do understand a lot of people would like to see JRollon re-do his CRJ-200s cockpit, bring it up to v11 standards and do away with that dated v9 panel. So…it was a shock to learn Rollon’s next project will be this SF260D:

This .acf kind of reminds me of Tom Kyler’s Falco, like of a hot-rod for those with testosterone issues. Oh well…we will see…but we can still wish he’d work on his CRJ, can’t we…?

A kind hearted soul pointed out that there is as yet no hope for the Google-impaired. Yes, there is indeed an Atlantic Airways livery for the Toliss A319, contrary to what some blathering know-it-all over at x+sim+reviews claimed yesterday. Oh…this is x+sim+reviews? Apologies all around then, and many thanks again to Philippe for the heads up.

Atlantic a319

I assume you’d like the link, while I’m still learning to use Google…?


So, enough already…let’s head Down Mexico Way…before we hit Italy…then Rio…


MMGL hdr

Let’s assume you’ve never been to Guadalajara, or that you may have heard about the place but know nothing other than it exists…somewhere. That’s okay. What else is X-plane for?

Mexico City is a surprisingly cultured city by any standard, and even Parisians are often startled by how civilized parts of that city are. Very cosmopolitan, yet still somewhat conservative, but of most importance – Mexico City is full of good bakeries. Well, Guadalajara is one of those places too, with a number of prominent universities, as well as two medical schools, great museums…and of utmost importance – good bread. And, just as you’ll find the flamenco dance a distinctive expression of regional influence in Spain, you’ll note the mariachi band became a distinct cultural expression of rural life in and around Guadalajara…beginning in the 1700s. The musical form evolved as the city grew and, in effect, led Guadalajara to cultural prominence in Mexico, and then…beyond.

Well, Guadalajara is the also second largest city in Mexico (with almost 6 million people in the region, and growing…) and the 10th largest in Latin America. The airport is the second largest/busiest in Mexico, too, and when you look over the list of airlines and destinations (right here, as always) you’ll understand that this is an airport you probably want in your scenery folder. American, Delta, and United all do their thing to the States from here, but the real surprise is Volaris…which flies to more US destinations than domestic. And yes, there are Volaris paints for all the popular Airbuses!!!


ruifo’s scenery is a sprawling, very detailed affair, with nicely cluttered commercial ramps, a large GA area, cargo ramps as well as a small military logistics facility loaded with KC10s and small transports. There is also a massive flutterbug ramp…with space for a dozen or so helicopters. Take a look…


Yup…all the details are here. Great car parks, ramp detail…everything ruifo is noted for…so call this is another 10/10 Must Have for your trips Down Mexico Way.

Need the link? Try this: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48174-mx-mmgl-guadalajara-intl-airport-2018/


LIAA hdr

A freeware LIAA came out yesterday – right about the time this payware version came out – and about all I’ll say is that the freebie doesn’t even come close.

That said, when I looked at the promo pics over at the Org, then looked at the price…well…I think I said a few uncharitable things under my breath. Like…WTF? Then I went on my merry way.

So…I held off…decided to let this one walk on by.

And, like I said…it’s good to be wrong…sometimes.

So, I went and pulled the trigger, decided there had to be a good reason for an über small GA file to cost more than FunnerFlight’s KLAX (you know…the one “with 750 animations?”)…which is right by it on the Orgs “New” page.

Well…? WTF?

I hate to say it, but this file is the latest iteration of the KTTF Custer Gateway type file that came out last year. This file has Foliage. Foliage…and then more foliage. Its got more kinds of grass than a dorm at UC Berkeley. If you have hay fever – do NOT open this file without a box of tissue handy…unless you really like a sticky keyboard.

Or…open this file, take a quick look around, then open the freeware version and try not to fall out of your chair.

Yes, I was wrong. Again. But at least I self-corrected.

Then I cleaned off my keyboard.


You kind of have to imagine driving out to this airport about a half hour before sunrise (in your old Ferrari. Your old – RED – Ferrari…), because you want to get their before all the kids working on their privates fill up the pattern, get in some serious flying-time up in the mountains…so you drive out and park by your hanger, gas up the old Piper and away you go…

You take off, fly out over the city, marvel at the densely packed medieval village…surrounded by modern commercial developments, more houses…then warehouses and factories…before you come to all the farms and vineyards…

Turning back to the airport you come in for a fast short final, almost catch a wing-tip…but it’s all good…


You pull up by the café and pop the door, can just smell the coffee and freshly baked croissants. Ooh…Nutella and orange marmalade today?

So, what we have here is a massive, highly detailed ortho covered with a gazillion custom objects, then someone used a pressure washer to hose this file down with grasses and weeds. And trees. Anyway, assuming you’re interested in GA flying in central Italy, this file is going to make your head spin. Yes, take your allergy meds and the feeling will go away…then pull the trigger…go have some fun…count the varieties of pollen producing plants along the taxiway…but don’t forget to clean up your keyboard before you flip those magnetos.

Slyline’s LIAA is at the Org Store, about 22 buckeroos USD. The Kleenex is all on you.


Varig hdr

SBRJ Santos Dumont is the old school airport located in the heart of Rio, right on the water. It’s the cool airport. And it’s the cool airport file in X-plane, too. Don’t believe it? Well then, take a look at all the old school Varig paint roaming around the ramps down there…back in the day…

Varig 732

There’s something about this airport. Something that feels like the 60s. Like this place is haunted by old Boeings looking to take wing again…to pull up to the gate again…load up and roam the skies again…

Varig 1

There’s a ton of city included in this file, then all the other landmarks that surround the city. Really…you don’t want to miss this one…

Varig 733

So, yeah…I was wrong a couple of times today…about the A319 paint…about LIAA…but it’s all good now. I spent a couple hours in Rio…so it’s all good again…

It’s like…new perspectives…a fresh point of view. I was looking at these images today, comparing them to old images, to even older memories, trying to reconcile those fragments in my mind with what I was seeing on my screen. Has X-plane really gotten so good? Is v11.30 really the game changer, the paradigm shift we’ve all been hoping it would be? Look at that last image, then you tell me…

It sure looks that way, don’t it?

Y’all have fun flyin’ today. We’ll seeya around the campfire – C


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