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xsr sun scr

A few weeks ago I dropped by tdg’s page at the Org and requested he give EKVG – the Faroe Islands’ sole airport – a try. Turns out that was unnecessary as several others beat me to it! Anyway, happily he’s obliged; the results are, as you’ll see below, as interesting as they are stunning. Also today, revisions at an airport we’ve looked at several times over the past few months…to KFSD Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Captain K-man, the developer, has previously taken this airport file into near payware quality…yet he just keeps on improving this one and the results are, again, as interesting as they are stunning. Now it’s time for you to decide: has he reached payware quality? Is this developer shooting to be the next tdg or ruifo? Before I could finish writing this up he’d released yet another update, adding more detail to the military ramps. Geez!

Of course, a key ingredient to much of this visual success can be found in Laminar’s constantly improving art assets and atmospherics, and I’ve tried to highlight some of 11.30b2’s effects in today’s screenshots which, if you’ll excuse me, are a little more artsy-fartsy than usual. What I’m trying to get at is simple enough, however: X-plane is now capable of producing some very immersive weather effects, and as Vulkan technology infuses these atmospherics with more detail I’d only assume things will get better. I’ll end today’s post at LSZH with some WinterWorld shots courtesy of TerraMAXX, so hang onto your hat and enjoy the show, then get these two files onboard and go flyin’!


FAR hdr

Imagine a point in the center of an almost equilateral triangle, with Glascow, Scotland to the south about 400nmi, BIKF to the NW/600nmi, and Bergen to the NE/500nmi. If you were a P3 driver during the last Cold War (or a P8 driver during our current Cold War) you’d know exactly where the Faroe Islands are…smack-dab in the most contested stretch of water between the US and Europe…the so-called GIUK Gap. If you were a skipper in a relevant navy, perhaps the skipper of a destroyer, you’d know that the waters around the Faroes are home to 100 foot waves during the frequent winter gales that pummel this region year after year. And if you happened to fly for SAS or Atlantic Airways this last fact, this truly crummy weather, might be more than familiar to you.

As a pilot in X-plane, try setting the weather with METARs and then give this one a try…or not. Fly the islands and enjoy the scenic grandeur, or the mesmerizing approach to either runway, but just – Try It!

Far 1

The approach here is among fjord-like passages between cliffs; the runway is an almost true parabola and would seem a real challenge, but once you look over the Youtube video below it might not seem so terrifying…

…yet tdg’s file does NOT have the built-up runway extensions seen in the video, so the parabola is deeper than exists at the real airport. Still, I was able to land the Toliss A319 here (which SAS uses on this run), and the AVRO RJ-85 (which most airlines used until the recent past), as well as the default 738, the IXEG 733, and the FJS 732. These last two are ideal…if you don’t have the RJ-85 (but you can get one here, by the way, and we recommend all the Avroliner Project’s .acf). This first set of imagers uses the Avro…with a variety of weather conditions set, including Full Winter in TerraMAXX.

Far 146 1

The AVRO-85 is quite docile on this approach (or takeoff) and, again, this .acf is a good choice for your first flights in or out of this airport. Below, I found the A319 more of a challenge but still managed to stop at the turn-off. The FF A320 ought to be more problematic but I didn’t try it here today. Atlantic takes it out to the island so I’d guess it’s legal, same with the 738 (but I did try this one and did manage to get it stopped a little past the turn off). No AP used today, just simple VFR stuff. Here’s Atlantic’s A319, for which no livery currently exists in Xp:

FAR A319 real

Maybe a painter will hit this one soon? Below, the SAS A319 from Copenhagen.

FAR 3 733

Both of the older 737s are easy to use here, and the IXEG 733 acted more like an F4 Phantom with a light load. The new Citation II is a real easy rider here, too. I haven’t tried the Saab 340 but it should be an obvious choice. Jack’s 732 turned out to my favorite here due to its forgiving flight model (and great AirStairs!!!).

Far 732 Cit

The Citation II was pure fun (and a revision was posted Sunday, to v1.1, at Carenado, so…better update). Stall comes on fast at 80KIAS, so start a deep flare at 85-82 to make an easy landing on that inclined threshold area. Maybe a revised file could see the runways built up to current standards?

tdg’s Must Have file is located here. Give it a try:


The Atlantic paint for the FF320:


The Atlantic paint for the Avro-85:



FSD hdr

Captain K-man’s KFSD + Joe Foss Field, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is as unlikely a place to find a rip-roaringly good airport file in X-plane as we’re likely to find in a while, yet this airport will fit into any existing route network that utilizes Chicago, Detroit, or Minneapolis as a go-to hub, and you’ll also find Southwest, Allegiant, Spirit and Frontier here, hitting destinations all over the American West.

We’ve covered this one in-depth before so we won’t waste a lot of breath on words. That said, take a look:


Like that old America AL paint? Yeah, me too. Check out this link:


Below, a bunch of images at extreme magnification (telephoto effect):


The image with the FedEX DC-10 hit me…mainly because of the street in the distance. Look at the traffic, then all the other traffic signs and lights. This is the plausible world Austin was talking about at the introduction to v10, come to life here in South Dakota. Now, some daylight…finally…


If you ever want to know why car/objects should be used around a scenery file – instead of orthos with ortho cars – look at this airport file.

Again, this is turning into a crazy-good airport file, by any measure.


Now, we’ll end today’s post with a bunch of images at aeroSoft’s LSZH Zurich, with Winter-World active via TerraMAXX:


Notable above? A panel mod for the SSG 748i that tweaks textures and lighting, and that can be found here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41283-cockpit-textures-for-ssg´s-747-8/

The FF Trip-7 is seen below, and note that with TerraMAXX active it casts a blue winter light on all scenery and cockpit imagery.

LSZH trip7

Gorgeous paints, neh?

Oh yes…as mentioned the Carenado Citation II posted a revision on Sunday night to v1.1, and the Milviz 310R posted its first revision today…to v1.1 as well. The 310 proved quite forgiving on these approaches, in case interested. The TBM900 updated twice yesterday and I’m still getting “caught up” with that .acf…

FAR 310 end

Hasta later…we’ll be back with more…soon – and thanks for dropping by –

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