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xsr bits

Some housekeeping today. I’ve not posted an IFR flight in the new TBM900 as after updating Xp to v11.31b1 the .acf is simply not behaving as it did before, and I’d like to see these issues resolved before going forward.The LOC losing lock turns out to be an intermittent fault in the G1000, and a fix is in the works. Another fault, with the throttle gate, appears to have been an issue related to, of all things, zoom/screen magnification! Below, a couple of recent new paints for the .acf…

900 Blue Chrome

This Blue Chrome paint is striking. The green you see above is a meadow “behind” the camera, so to speak. Get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48073-hotstart-tbm-900-blue-chrome/

900 chrome

Same with this Elite Chrome livery; the hanger and ground textures are clearly reflected in the finish, right down to pebbles in the asphalt matrix. Link: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48072-hotstart-tbm-900-elite-chrome/

There are winter texture files in the new CYUL Montreal file, and while I’ve followed directions to the ‘T’ I’m not getting anything white. Lots of green, but no white…so…I’ll wait on those images too.

In our Montreal post yesterday mention was made that there are only limited air cargo facilities at CYUL. The reason? CYMX Montreal Mirabel, the old international airport, has been converted to a dedicated air cargo terminal, as well as a delivery center for the Airbus 220!

Anyway, you’ll want to keep Mirabel in your scenery folder in case you get the itch to fly cargo to Montreal, right? Get the file here, and below you’ll find a few images for orientation purposes:



I ran across this image of an Azores A330 at Logan and thought it interesting enough to post here, hoping a painter might take up the challenge?

Azores 330

Delta took formal delivery of their first CS100/Airbus 221 this week in ceremonies at KATL Atlanta. They also announced their first flights will be from DFW to New York area airports, then, as more aircraft come online, from Houston/Bush to NYC. Here’s a good AirBaltic flight in a 220 from Tallinn to CDG on YouTube to warm you up:

Yes, we need this .acf in X-plane; no, none is in the works. Still, it will be good to see what SSG comes up with in their forthcoming CRJ-700.


KPNS hdr

When the gal in red shows up you know you’re in a Fred scenery. Fred, as in NAPS, and Fred is revising his Floridian airports these days so be on the lookout for more of the same…!

So, welcome to KPNS Pensacola International, not to be confused with NAS Pensacola, and this Florida Panhandle hub is über crowded from November through April – when all kinds of folks from the American South flock to the Redneck Riviera…the beachfront towns between here and Panama City, Florida…particularly Destin…which has more oyster bars and longnecks than any place else in the universe.

Fred’s scenery gets the job done, too, though I reckon I ain’t real happy about that ortho filling in for a real, honest to goodness parking lot full of black F-150s and red Mustang convertibles. And where’s the Burger King…?


Gate 1 is a real tight squeeze for anything other than a Cessna 150, but other than that this one’s good to go, and y’all ought to find the file right about har: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/29381-kpns-pensacola-international-airport/

And y’all have a right fine weekend, y’hear?


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