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I love it when a new file slips out without much fanfare, without months of hyped buildup, quite beneath almost everyone’s radar. Of course, when such a file comes along and it’s a dud, well, c’est la vie…yet…yet…when one comes along that registers excellent in almost every category? Well, that makes for a very good day.

Welcome to a very good day.

GloballArt’s CYUL Montreal Trudeau stands alongside the same developers CYYZ Toronto Pearson as being among the best payware airport files in X-plane, and marking this developer as one to keep a close eye on. The team over at Threshold spotted the developer’s quiet announcement last August, that Montreal was on our horizon, but it’s been all quiet ever since – and yet out it came earlier this morning, with nary a peep to warn us.

What a good day!


With the excellent freeware Calgary that came out last summer, and GloballART’s Toronto to buttress existing Vancouver files, we have four very good Canadian majors to work from. Getting a 5-Star Quebec would be nice, yet there are good freeware files there as well, so we have the trans-Atlantic & Pacific market to Canada covered. For an idea of what that really means, look over the list of carriers and destinations here, because it is extensive.

CYUL Montreal is a major airport, to be sure, with all six runways covered by one form of ILS or another.

CYUL Chart 1

And looking over the gate diagram, you’ll get an even better idea of how extensive this facility really is:

CYUL ramp chart


Now let’s look over some imagery. Note the two towers; the newer, taller tower is truly excellent, while the older tower has some visible interior detail. Note the Jetways; there are several types, and most are VGDS or Autogate enabled. Roof detail is evident where it’s needed most. Pavement quality is excellent, and there’s ample wear and tear visible in relevant areas. Ground clutter and ramp detail? Oh…yeah!


Taxiways and runway lighting are adequate, signs and markings ditto. Ramp lighting is excellent. Window textures run the gamut from good to not-so-good, with most decent enough to pass muster – and only one stretch in the bad category.


Ancillary details are excellent, aside for the major car parks being orthos…yet I can’t complain here because the resolution of these orthos are so high that the illusion holds to relatively low altitude, and by-and-large the lots aren’t visible from the ramps. Those that are, such as on the upper level of a multi-level parking garage, have a mix of car/objects and detail-by-ortho, and I’d assume all this was done in an effort to preserve frame rates. Note in the four night shots of parking lots below you just can’t tell if these are objects or a simple ortho, and its the quality of the ortho-imagery that carries the day here.


This is Air Canada’s HQ and primary hub, so you’ll find a massive maintenance and administrative presence here. You’ll also find some minor air cargo ramps too, and a Bombardier facility, as well.


HDR lighting effects and PBR materials reflections are very well done here, but in the image just above is a vast curtain of glass with truly dismal textures. Of the silhouette type similar to what Laminar uses in its Lego-brick terminals, this is even worse. If the dev had only thought about a modeled interior in this one area, the results would have been spectacular.

As is, GloballART hit this one out of the park in almost every area. The car parks are okay simply because they’re hardly visible. The bad window textures are in one area only, and most other areas are quite decent…and all the other supporting details are really very good.

I know some of us would like it if all airports were freeware, but that’s just not the world we live in, is it? What makes the whole payware paradigm work, and work well, is when a developer delivers a truly immersive airport file that kind of makes you say “Oh, my!” when you first open it up, and GloballART has succeeded here. This is a Must Have file, and easy 10/10, and its at the OrgStore now for 25 buckeroos.

Seeya next time, and fly safe –

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