x+s+r // TBM900 Update


So, the new HotStart TBM900 released at 00:01 hrs two days ago, on the 20th, and as mentioned there were a few bugs; I also stated that there is nothing at all unusual about this state of affairs, especially given the utter complexity of the file, and I assumed it would take a couple of weeks to iron everything out. Got that? Two weeks? For a little context, I picked up the Orbx GB scenery when it came out last week and they still don’t have a promised Mac version up and running yet. I’m not angry, either. These things happen and in the greater scheme of things they just aren’t worth getting upset about. They get resolved and all is right with our little world again.

Well, anyway, late last night version 1.03 of the TBM file came in and lo! – my file was suddenly good to go. I mean 100% flyable and with no more bugs present. So, less than 48 hours after release, and over a weekend at that, and the crew at HotStart as well as Cameron & Co at X-Aviation had this puppy ironed out.

In my book that’s just amazing. Spectacularly so. Once you wrap your head around how complex this simulation is you’ll begin to appreciate this, but I am impressed. The crew at X-Aviation should be commended, at the very least.

I am also completely impressed with this aircraft file. It is not simply gorgeous – inside and out – it is also well conceived and brilliantly executed (after you get acquainted with the S-Class power lever you’ll understand why I say that).

So, I got my update onboard very early this morning, re-read the quick start PDF to get the start sequence down pat (it’s a little different from the usual PT-6 start sequence due to the power lever arrangement…) I fired this beast up and flew from Telluride to Aspen.

Completely trouble free, mind you, and as fun as you can have in X-plane with your clothes on, so let’s take a look…

TBM 1hdr

Purchase and installation is pure X-Aviation, that is to say trouble free and quick. I’ve heard some reports that a few folks are upset about the price (around 65 buckeroos-USD); well, I guess some folks are upset about the FF A320 costing one hundred dollars, too, but it’s one of the all time best selling files in X-plane. You get what you pay for, folks. Jack’s 732 isn’t cheap but I love the file so who in their right mind is going to complain about a fifty buck file when it gives you literally years of enjoyment?

This TBM has jet engine complexity written all over it, systems depth that has never, not ever, been seen in a GA turboprop in X-plane, and Goran Matovina’s sublime 3D modeling skills everywhere you look. I mean…look at this door…the interior of a door…and its just brilliant!

TBM door

There are innovations never attempted in X-plane before, inflight interactive tutorials, a G1000 that is so much deeper than anything Laminar or Carenado has made…and I could go on and on. The point is simple, too: this file is worth every penny, but if you don’t agree then stick with Carenado’s TBM850. I think you’ll regret that decision, but it’s yours to make.


The power lever is a case in point. No existing hardware throttle in the Sim universe will completely emulate this thing, but HotSTART’s solution is brilliant. It’s easy to use and trouble free.

Start-up is easy so long as you follow procedures to the letter, but skip a step and you might blow the engine. At almost a million bucks per, that’s a big no-no, but welcome to the world of turbine aviation!

Once you’ve got this beast running and warmed up just follow the procedures and taxiing is easy. The rudder is tender on takeoff, but accelerate slowly and smoothly – and keep your rudder movements and corrections small and you’ll do fine.

TBM 1.2

Direct to KASE is about a hundred miles and I kept my VS and cruise sedate: 600 FPM to 15,5 at about 180 KIAS – then level until over the airport for an extended pattern to bleed speed. On your way there, take a look at the cabin, and the exterior window reflections…

TBM 1.3

Check out the breakers at the co-pilots knees. Every breaker is operable. Every one of them.

TBM 1.4

Again, check out the reflections in the windows just above. Amazing.

Speed management is the name of the game on approach. Read that section carefully!!!

TBM 1.5

Beyond that, there are no special tricks to landing this girl.

TBM 1.6

So, this is a DEEP simulation, which means this is a systems simulator as much as it is anything else. If learning systems bores you, or simply does not interest you, then stick with Carenado. On the other hand, if you think you’re ready to tackle something a little more complex, or you’re just curious what the real airplane is like…well, here she is. Ready and willing when you are.

Head on over to X-Aviation when you get there. You won’t regret it.

In our next TBM Update we’ll take this girl up for a spin in the dark and nasty, do some heavy IFR work. Join us for some serious fun!


And to round out this post, a few images of Jack’s 732 at JustSIM’s new EBBR.

732 EBBR

732 EBBR 2

732 EBBR 3

Thanks for dropping by…we’ll seeya next time –



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