x+s+r // EYVI + TBM900: released

xsr EYVI hdr

This has been an unusually slow week for new files of any sort, though the imminent release of the HotStart TBM has livened things up while we wait, as X-Aviation’s preview features were well produced and a welcome interlude. JustSIMs Brussels should be out anytime now too, but still, it has been just a little too quiet for comfort. Oh, in the image above and just below, the Carenado TBM850 departs LFMQ LeCastellet, a new Gateway airport located between Marseilles and Nice. It’s quite nice.

850 2

Today, a quick look at a new airport file in Lithuania is up first, then we’ll move on to a few words about the new TBM900 from HotStart…


EYVI hdr

A very good WIP file for EYVI Vilnius came out this week, and this airport will certainly help fill in the blank spots we still have in the Eastern Baltics. With our coverage of this area last year we hit upon Tallinn and Riga as great destinations in Xp, but this new file gives us basic coverage for the entire area.

You’ll want to look over the list of airlines and destinations (here), because there are some very interesting flights available from this airport, including Ellinair and Ryanair flying direct to Corfu (with the SSG170, the FF320, and the IXEG733 all with Ellinair paint available). Or try EHAM, EDDF or EDDM; Vienna and Warsaw are options, too.

The file includes many custom objects as well as scenery library elements, lighting looks v11 compliant, but the airport is not compatible with winter overlays via TerraMAXX. There are no static aircraft as the file was constructed with WT3 in mind. The main terminal entry in the first image below is a Soviet era remnant.

EYVI c1The excellent main terminal building includes six gates with Jetways, and they are Autogate compatible. Ramp ground clutter is a little sparse, and lighting is a bit dim, but this is a WIP so hopefully we’ll see some improvement. A version with static aircraft would be appreciated, too, but otherwise basic details are quite nice and this could prove a more than useful airport.


The airport looks great at night, either at the gate or from the pattern, and we’d rate this one a solid Must Have addition to your Baltic Network. Get the file here:



A covey of new paints for the freeware A310 came out late Friday…

A310 paints

…including Brussels Airlines, Austrian, AC Tango. Aerolíneas Argentinas, and Aeroflot.


900 1

So, here it is…the new HotStart TBM900…at KTEX Telluride. Waiting…on me.

A few words are in order here and now, as there won’t be any “takeoff at sunrise” images this morning.

There is, you see, no “hot start” option. You start this .acf from “cold and dark” or not at all, and you will not do this without a thorough reading of the included PDF files. I have skimmed them twice and am off to get some sleep, but a few things stand out already. You’ll need these PDFs open on another screen while you work through the sequence a couple of times as, while not complex, a specific sequence must be followed. This is neither surprising or unusual in the real world, but this degree of fidelity to a real aircraft is quite unusual in a GA aircraft for X-plane.

More “interesting” still is the new throttle arrangement, which defies simple description and which makes any hardware throttle you have completely irrelevant. This new power management control is in a lower case ‘h’ pattern and quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen…in fact, the lever looks like it was ripped out of an S-Class Mercedes and dropped into this cockpit. It’s awesome looking…but more than complex. It’s a paradigm shift, too, and so will require study and practice to get right.

900 2

The quality of the panel is so outrageously excellent it made me grin like an idiot, so I’m hopeful all the required study will be worth it.

So, no traditional “first look” for you today. All I can add is that I have the file onboard and as I reach certain milestones I’ll post updates, but the whole thing feels kind of like walking into a classroom again, seeing schematics posters tacked on cork boards and bleary eyed pilots drinking coffee while waiting for the instructor to join the class.

If you’re looking for a file to spend some serious time with, maybe one to keep you busy all winter long, well…here she be. If, on the other hand, all you want is a casual TBM that’s no more difficult to fly than the Cessna 172, head on over to the Carenado Store. Obviously…this file has me quite intrigued, and I hope more than a few of you will join me on this journey. X-Aviation has broken the mold again, taken the sim onward and upward.

We’ll keep up with our regular posts on the usual new file releases, but when you see a new entry for a “TBM900 Update” I’ll have posted notes and images on my progress.

Hasta later –



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  1. JBA says:

    +500 for helping revive the word covey.


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