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xsr 732 hdr

If you haven’t heard the news yet, X-Aviation will be releasing the new HotStart TBM-900 first thing Saturday morning. Check out the first bit of engine management information here, but note this is going to be an extremely deep simulation – so probably not a casual file for the uninitiated. Carenado’s TBM-850 remains stuck in v3.2 limbo, a v10 file that does works reasonably well in v11, yet even so this new TBM comes at a welcome time. Below, images from the current Carenado file:


The primary differences between the 850 and 900? “The TBM 900 model features several ergonomic improvements within the cockpit, increasing both simplicity and automation. A new single power lever integrates the power, propeller and condition lever controls. Various switches and controls, such as some formerly present upon the overhead panel, have been eliminated. The electrical system is powered by a single main generator, which is supplemented by a belt-driven alternator. On the TBM 900, electrical load distribution changes enable the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit to power up in sync with the switch-on of the battery with little battery drain. The G1000 also has upgraded displays, including an ISA temperature deviation indication, integrated weather radar and MFD map, and automatic landing field elevation inputs to the pressurization controller. Other changes include various aerodynamic refinements, including winglets and a redesigned induction system. Maximum cruise speed increased to 330 kn at FL310. Range of 1,730 nmi (with 45-minute standard IFR reserves) at 252 kn and 37 gph, or 1,585 nmi at 290 kn. The previously optional Hartzell five-blade carbon fiber propeller is now standard, increasing performance and decreasing cabin noise.” (wikipedia)

Systems in this new aircraft could be quite revolutionary for X-plane, and we’ll have a quick first look up and our reactions to the file as soon as we can get our grubby little paws on it. A new entry on the .acf’s synthetic vision implementation was posted today at X-Aviation’s forum, if you’d like to read up on it. Below, a 900 in action:


Meanwhile, our post today includes a look at ruifo’s latest, a revised Des Moines, Iowa airport file, and a bit of fiction located just SW of Dublin, Ireland. Ready? Let’s take a look…


MMCE hdr

ruifo continues to work around the Yucatan Peninsula, this time revising his v10 MMCE to v11 standards. Ciudad del Carmen is located in the deep southern reaches of Campeche Bay and is a critical facility serving Mexico’s offshore oil fields. In other words, you can expect a lot of helicopter OPS here – in addition to scheduled airline service to several domestic destinations in Mexico.

This is vintage ruifo, so you’ll find a well executed LegoBrick airport nicely suited to both helicopter OPS and RJ flights…not to mention modest GA facilities.


There are lots of commercial buildings around the airport, primarily oil field service companies as well as air cargo warehouses.

This neat little file is available here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47770-mx-mmce-ciudad-del-carmen-intl-airport-2018/


KDSM hdr

We’ve covered this one before, but the file is now into v2.0 territory and is maturing nicely, with more perimeter detail added this afternoon.

American, Delta and United all work out of here, but so too do Allegiant, Frontier and Southwest, so there’s a good variety to work with from here, including GA and military OPS.


Lots of standout features, including the Jetways and parking garage, and now we’ve got a Holiday Inn to rest up at after a nice long day in the air…!


I’d say this is a Must Have for folks working the US Midwest. The file is located here:



EIME hdr

EIME is currently a military base, but Ryanair has been eyeing the facility for possible expansion so…why not move out the military – in X-plane?

And that’s what we have here…a kind of fantasy airport…and it’s kind of well done, too.


And as you can see in the last image above, the location is very convenient to the city of Dublin, if not the pattern at EIDW Dublin International…

Oh well, give it a try. Maybe Ryanair will have their way one more time.


We’ll see you next time. Take care –

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  1. Bob tessier says:

    Look forward to your comments and reviews everyday. Please keep up the great work, we all appreciate it very much.



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