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Okay…in what amounts to a HUGE post today…we’ve got lots to cover…so I’d recommend a mastodon sized jug of coffee to help you get through this one. We’ve got Fred’s latest, two from tdg, one from ruifo, another piece of the puzzle for all you tundra-tyre-types, and maybe even a few more things to throw into the mix, so really, while this ain’t exactly War and Peace it ought to take more than a few minutes to crawl through this one. That said, enough hot air from your narrator. We’re burning daylight, so let’s get to it…


Fred over at NAPS busted loose with a really nice KBCT Boca Raton last night, which is quite near the KPBI Palm Beach International we covered recently. This is, however, a GA facility (with limited chartered jet OPS now also on site). A US Customs Point of Entry, the airport sees a lot of GA traffic to and from the Bahamas, as well as regular charters to Toronto in the winter. Routine jet charters to Vegas are a staple, too.

Fred’s scenery is, as usual, pristine, but what sets this effort apart is the airport perimeter, especially along the I-95 frontage road adjacent to the airport. A cinema, a variety of stores, hangers (Atlantic Aviation), and a faithfully modeled hotel are all included, so if you’re looking for immersive realism, this is your file…and it all sits on a nice ortho, too.


Fred’s files are typically highly optimized…and frame rates here were excellent. This file fills out the GA scene in S Florida and we are indeed only about 2-3 airports away from having complete coverage of all the major GA airports here.

Get Fred’s 10/10 Must Have file right here:



tdg released this LFNB Brenoux Airport – Mende, France today, and it is a very small GA/Sport plane facility, and not at all the sort of airport tdg is known for. Be that as it may, many will find the facility appealing in X-plane for a couple of reasons: 1) there’s an active sport flying club here (ultralights and gliders), and 2) the airport is surrounded on three sides by cliffs and sharp drops of up to 1500 feet. Both the French and Maritime Alps are nearby, and the airport sits above 4000ft MSL, so it gets a ton of snow in winter.


tdg’s file sits on an ortho, includes custom as well as library objects and is, in practice, an interesting addition to the French GA scene. As it’s only about 60 nmi from Montpelier (see the recent payware file there) this makes an interesting GA destination to or from Lyon on the way to the coast. Note the adjacent plowed fields and baled hay. Outstanding!

A Must Have file, you can get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47517-lfnb-brenoux-airport-mende-france/


tdg released this LERS Reus Airport, Spain two days ago, and you’ll want this one if you fly in Spain, Portugal or France. Though quite near Barcelona, there is regular service via Ryanair to Stansted and Eindhoven, and about 20 billion seasonal flights during the winter months by almost every airline on earth (see the list here).

This is vintage tdg, and by that I mean this is a perfectly great airport file. Take note of the solar panels on the covered sheds in the car park (very well done), as well as paved ramp and apron markings (excellent).


I’m losing count of all the great airports we’re getting along this coastline, and as most of these new files are relevant to both commercial as well as GA flights, this is becoming a real playground. As such, count me in here…and let’s call this one a 10/10 Must Have file too. Because it is.



It feels kinda like déjà vu all over again. Last year about this time it felt like tdg and ruifo were in a contest to see who could release the most files. There was, however, only one winner: us.

Well, ruifo released a new file today, and it’s so good I had to step back a bit and look at this one more closely. Made from Laminar (LegoBrick) assets, the buildings and other hangers are certainly interesting, but what’s so bloody good is the site work.

You’ll want to open this one with Runway Follows Terrain Contours set to ON in order to see these results. The airport is built on a sloping site, but also in a shallow valley, and I’ll say no more. You have to see this work to believe it, and while I tried to capture the effect in these images I’m not sure I succeeded very well.

So, where is this work of art?

Well, welcome to MMSL + Cabo San Lucas Aerodrome, and do NOT confuse this with MMSD Los Cabos International Airport, located less than 20 miles away and where all the heavy metal comes to play.

This is a primarily a GA airport, though a small Mexican regional is based here (Calafia Airlines), but do not underestimate the importance of this airport in the greater scheme of Mexican tourism. Every year, during the winter months, trillions of GA aircraft fly into this airport, most joining a vast aerial migration from either Texas or California. Men come down here to go fishing for pelagic fish (Marlin, etc.), the wives are dropped off at spas, while the kids are dropped off on the beach and admonished NOT to go into the water (which is full of vast schools of Hammerhead sharks…and a dangerous rip current). Piston engine flights to and from Texas typically must be made in groups.

Developments of condos and huge McMansions is all the rage in Cabo these days…and the sleepy little village is long gone… Wal*Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club…they’re all here now, and c’est la vie.


Take off and turn NE, set your VOR to 114.00 and you’ll come to the huge international airport in a few minutes. That’s it in the last two images above, and we covered the file last year.



Welcome to Denmark. Denmark, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, on Oregons SW coast quite near the border with California. If you read up on Denmark it sounds like a ghost town, but search real estate prices and you’ll find quadrillions of homes listed for more than a million dollars. Why? Oregon’s coast has bodacious weather, pure and simple. Hence…lots of jets here.

So, welcome to 5S6 Cape Blanco State Airport, located near Denmark. Somebody likes to play with grass, don’t you think?


The file sits on a huge ortho, and nearby agricultural projects are well in evidence here, but the trees and foliage around this airport really ought to get your attention, because they’re outstanding. So are the pavement textures, for that matter.

Now, think about Orbx’s KVUO Pearson Field. Think flying from there to California with a full load of kids in the back of your Piper or Cessna. Yup, you’ll want to stop for gas right about here, so DO NOT FAIL to download this excellent GA field, and you can right here:



When FSFH Saint Helenas came out last year we were hoping to see a couple of good South African Airlink paints to the SSG E190, and KD KORONAKIS finally came through for us. Excellent work, as always.




“Honey? What’s that coming out of the bar across the street?”

“Oh – my – God…it’s a…a bushie!!!”

“A bushie?”

“A bush pilot!”

“Quick…we’ve got to save the children…!”


So, here we are at the MOH Creek Airport (ahem…right), a picnic bench and some logging gear being about the only things on hand to define this as an airport of some sort. This is a 540m collection of potholes and bear shit with more twists and turns than a rattlesnakes intestines, and if you want to land an airplane down there, well, you go right ahead, fella. Knock yourself out. As a matter of fact, you probably will.

Yes, this is the second airport (sure thing, bub) in the Quatam River Suicide Club’s package of interesting ways to Crash and Burn in X-plane scenery file.

Assuming we can find at least one of the helicopter landing pads (ahem, are you kidding me?) we’ll try to add some images of our smoldering wreckage to our next post.


Adios, and Happy Trails –

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    Why do your clouds look like smudges of orange pastel?


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