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xsr hdr egaa

Four very good freeware airports to look at today, from Europe to New Zealand to a smaller GA field just a half-hour south of Washington D.C., and then we’ll round out the post with a few more interesting paints for the IXEG 733 and the FF320.

If you’ve got your favorite hot beverage ready to roll, let’s hop to it…


KLKU hdr

This is the latest file by M9 Aviation, who’ve been turning out some interesting small airports in “off the beaten path” locations around the US for several months now. KLKU Louisa County is located 76 nmi SW of Washington DCs Reagan National and M9s file has nailed this one. Compare the airport, as well as the adjacent industrial park in this file to overhead imagery and you’ll see just how good a job this is. Lots of interesting touches here, too, from the PAK Air FBO (note the light bollards) to the small details scattered around the perimeter. The project sits on a very nicely prepared ortho, as well.

The US East Coast is literally swarming with VOR stations, so taking off from here for New England or Florida is a no-brainer. We’re taking the Alabeo Piper Saratoga II up to Teterboro, NJ in the images below, and we’ll include images of Washington DC in the second set.

KLKU comp 1

You can open in the PAK Air hanger, and if you do take note of the immediate details, including window reflections and the grounds, which are all very well executed.

Below, this is the DD Washington DC scenery package, which includes KDCA as well as the most important national monuments around the city. In the first image we’re over Reagan National, then the White House, the Capitol Building, then Nationals Park, where the Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals team plays.

KLKU DC comp

KLKU Louisa is a nice addition for growing network of GA flyers working the Atlantic Seaboard of North America. The runway is long enough to handle most any GA aircraft, up to and including a few regional jets.



NZWN hdr

Part of DazaXIIIs NZ Stories, this new NZWN Wellington, NZ is worth a look if you routinely fly down under. Wellington is the capitol of New Zealand and as such the airport here has strong air links to Australia. Qantas, JetStar, Air New Zealand, and Singapore are the big players here. The single runway is about 6800 feet, and the airport routinely handles 744, 772, and 787 class aircraft.

Wellington is located along the channel that separates the North and South Islands, and as such is routinely slammed by high winds. Take this into account if flying under METARs.

NZWN comp 1

The airport is nicely detailed, and a few surrounding areas are as well. If this is your area of interest, I’d imagine this airport needs to be in your scenery folder.



LIML hdr

We looked at this airport a few weeks ago, but there’ve been some major revisions here since, including an air cargo complex and several peripheral hangers added, not to mention the huge Armani hanger above. If you downloaded the original, this revision is worth the effort.




EGAA hdr

Sparky56s Project Belfast is an ongoing WIP, and we’ve been watching this one for a while. EGAA Belfast, Northern Ireland is at a point now where you might take a look and get this one onboard, especially if you enjoy flying an esoteric route network. Check out the list of airlines and destinations here for an eye-opener.


Nice effort so far. A little more work on the smaller details around the main terminal would pay big dividends here, but we’ll keep you posted as work progresses.



Now let’s look at some paint for the IXEG 733 first, then a few for the Flight Factor A320U. As usual, links follow the image. Enjoy.







Coulson FL



This has to be one of the coolest liveries ever. This poor aircraft looks like it has just flown through a hail storm, then a sh*t storm. You gotta get this one, period. Awesome work.





The two Star Alliance paints above came from the same download (link just above); there are 15 different versions at the link, and I’m only showing the Croatia and Swiss versions above.

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