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xsr lgrp hdr

Up until a few months ago I had little interest in flying around Greece. Man-o-man, was that a mistake.

Aside from challenging approaches and quaint villages, the scenery around the area is really something else. Islands, rocky headlands and, with Fly Tampa’s Corfu leading the way, more and more archaeological scenes to uncover, there’s a sense of adventure around here you rarely find elsewhere in X-plane.

But let’s be honest about this whole Greek thing. Greece is a European winter destination, much as Florida, Mexico, and Hawaii is for Norte Americanos, so (perhaps) the whole idea of airports in Greece is a hard sell to many folks in the good ole U S of A. Again, if this is you, you’re making a big goof. There’s good flying here, even with just freeware airports to get you started, but the number of truly excellent payware files in the two regions (the Aegean and the Ionian Seas) has reached something like critical mass. There are just too many extremely good airports here to ignore the place!

So, so along comes JustSim, one of our favorite payware developers, with a new Greek scenery.

“By golly…another one!” says me.

“Do we really need another one?” says the other half, the thinking half of me.

“Hell yes, you moron! In for a penny, in for a pound!”

“Looks like peanut butter and jelly again…”

So yeah, JustSim released LGRP Rhodes today, and on the surface this looks like just another small airport…but…this IS JustSim we’re dealing with, and these guys rarely make anything approaching mediocre. The screenshots at the Org were nothing to write home about, and the price is like 17 buckeroos…i.e., on the cheap side – so, the thinking goes – this must not be a good one…

Hmm…should I, or shouldn’t I…?

Anyway…Rhodes is about as far away from Athens as you can get and still be in Greece. The island is almost right off the Turkish coast (again), and closer to Crete than anywhere else. And you’ve got to look at the list of airlines and destinations, as it is hilarious. Talk about a seasonal destination!

LGRP chart

Charts are available from all the major vendors and apps.

But, again, this is a JustSim airport, so right away you know something good is waiting for you. Ready to take a look?

LGRP Far 1

Aside from a completely modeled airport, JustSim has included the village of Paradeisi, which, in effect, surrounds the facility. Also, they’ve included tons of custom trees and other foliage both around the airport and on the hillside flanking the grounds. The effect is almost overwhelming when you first open up here, as the line between simulation and reality is really blurred. This is an immersive airport scenery file, equally as good as Corfu.

In the past about the only gripe we’ve had with JustSim files is the lack of ground clutter on the ramps. Well, it’s kinda like these guys said something like: “Oh yeah…well take this, Smart Ass!”

Yes, these ramps are crawling, I mean literally almost overrun with objects, everything you can imagine, and probably a few you haven’t…and there are people, too!

And a GA ramp, even!


Window textures are what they are. Simple black in daylight, and opaque night textures similar to what Laminar is using in LegoBrick objects these days. So, no modeled interior, yet for 17 bucks I’m not going to complain.


The entry side of the terminal and the car parks are decent, and yes, perhaps tdg does better but this isn’t bad. In other words, the car park isn’t a smeary ortho.

One of the things that caught my eye in the write-up at the Org (e.g., from Wikipedia) is that the airport can accommodate 747-class aircraft, and frankly I doubted that…so…yes…SSGs 748 rides to the rescue. You can look over the chart above to look at altitudes and headings, but I kept my speeds just above stall and aimed for the threshold.

LGRP 748 1

And was at 25 knots by the second turn-off…

Next? I was certain the taxiways were too narrow…and the apron as well…

LGRP 748 2

Ahem…wrong on all counts this time! Yes Virginia, you CAN get a 748 down here, so fire away!

Well, we’d better wrap this up before you realize what an idiot I am.

So, the terminal building is not only accurately modeled, it’s attractive too. Ramps are well marked and brightly lighted. I am not going to repeat myself by saying the ramps are really cluttered, but I will say that they are appropriately overflowing with a billion baggage carts. The car parks are decent, the surrounding village is a huge plus, and the overall effect is immersively hyper-realistic.

Does it get any better that this?

I don’t think so.

So, this is yet another 10/10 Must Have file from JustSim…available now from the Org Store…

…and yes, Greece is looking better and better right about now, so Adios, and we’ll seeya ’round the campfire…on a beach…in Rhodes.

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