x+s+r // Orlando City + Paint + Updates

xsr 330 hdr

A long post today, lots of updates to go over, so read through to the end.

We’ll look at Orlando first, and then a few notable paints before we tackle the updates, so get your coffee ready so we can get to it.


A City/VFR file for Orlando, Florida came out this week, and it includes LIT downtown structures as well as the suburban location of the University of Central Florida (in separate files, in case you don’t want the UCF facility).

Pictured here with the latest v2.4 of the X_Craft E175, which had a few bugs when released but is now stable. The second image is the downtown area at dusk, the third is the college campus on the NE side of the city, seen just above the fuselage.

crj mco

What’s missing? Yeah, Walt Disney World…but we can always wish, can’t we…?

Get the files here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47279-vcities-orlandovfr-orlando-and-ucf/


An exceptional American Eagle paint for the Leading Edge Saab came out this week as well, seen at aeroSoft’s DFW. Read the release notes to get a good idea of what went into this one, as this was no simple effort, and the weathered effects are subtle but very good.

340 dfw

Get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47280-american-eagle-les-saab-340a/


New paints for the JarDesign A330 are few and far between, so it was great to see a new file this week, and for an airline seldom seen in Xp, Tarom, the Romanian national airline. Odd choice as Tarom does not, and has not, flown the 330 (current fleet is mainly 737s), but the livery looks good on this 330, so why not? And note the raccoon mask around the cockpit glass, as on the A350.

330 Tarom

Pick it up here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47289-jar-a330-tarom-livery/


And for the default/Zibo 738, a special ‘one-off’ livery for Turkish Airlines. Remarkably good looking and very well executed, here’s the perfect paint for LTAI Antalya.

738 turkish

Hot and fresh, right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47294-turkish-airlines-special-livery/


And here’s a rare bird, a Czech Airlines CRJ-200.

crj csa



And for the default 738, WestJet’s 2018 paint:




And here’s one of the default UAL paints for the CRJ flying over the updated Chicago waterfront (in Xp11.25+). The most prominent items are (at far left) The Field Museum (where the lions from The Ghost and The Darkness reside), the Adler Planetarium, and Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears.

crj meigs

Below, the CRJ departing Chicago Midway, showing the relationship between MDW and ORD (on the right side of the image, looking west here).

crj ord mdw


FJS 732 1

Also, the Fly-J-Sim 732 is on sale this weekend (21 Sept 18), and a new update posted today as well, with the following noted on the Change-log:

  • UI will now scale up if you are on a larger resolution monitor
  • Flight model adjusted. Better takeoff and more stable in pitch
  • Various cockpit texture enhancements
  • You will now be able to perform maintenance on airframe,engines, and apu once they have aged to keep them running longer.
  • fixed issue where only inner left flap would fai
  • spoilers will not deploy with reverser.
  • changed yoke roll angle to 105º
  • fixed some issues with the ADF units that had been reported
  • changed aircraft description
  • Updater now available

Perhaps of most importance is the last item, that an updater is now available. Assuming this is the Skunkcraft Updater (now at v1.2, so it too needs to be updated), updates to the acf will now be automatically downloaded on starting Xp. This works well for the 727 series, but after each update I’ve had to re-activate the file (enter serial number, etc). Needless to say, the cockpit has received some nice new textures this time out.

732 2

Panel textures are now about as good as those on the FJS 727-series, which is quite good indeed.


KOAK Oakland International is almost directly across the bay from San Francisco International. Southwest hangs out here a lot these days, too, and this latest version of the airport has decent ramp side facilities for commercial, air cargo, and GA aircraft. Note: this is for Xp11.10+:




Have you forgotten about this one already? I had.

So I opened up here a few days ago to take the Do-228 down to Tromso, but do you remember what airport this is?


This is ENSH Svolvær Airport Helle, one of aeroSoft’s most attractively priced Norwegian wonders from last winter, and it too looks recently tweaked, with flatter ramps on hand now. It’s one of the most dramatic airports in X-plane, too, with a short runway to test your skills and nearby fjords and peaks to keep you interested.


So, that’s all for now. Seeya around the campfire –

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