x+s+r // LFBH + LIML +LSZR VFR to EDDS

xsr hdr liml

A great new tdg airport on the Bay of Biscay, a useful new LIML Milan Limate, and a quick and easy VFR flight for newer pilots in X-plane looking for something new.



xpfr continues its quiet retreat, in effect leaving France wide open for other scenery developers to move in, and this week tdg presents LFBH La Rochelle, a small commercial airport on France’s far west coast. As per his usual attention to detail, you’ll find a stunning airport completed to near payware quality – all in a much more than useful location.

You’ll also find a short but interesting list of airlines and destinations here, but FlyBe handles the UK, AF HOP! will take you to LFPO, LFLL, and Ajaccio (down on the island of Corsica), while both EasyJet and RyanAir have an odd assortment of unusual destinations to offer. In short, from Dublin to Brussels to the Med – this airport offers some fun new flights to try.


Ramp detail here is really off the charts good, but then again, so too are tdg’s foliage and grasses. The layout of the real terminal is followed and, as you can see just below, car parks and other peripheral detail are better than excellent. Compare this work to other small airports and you’ll see why we think tdg is the best freeware file developer in X-plane. In fact, his work is as good as many payware developers, only he uses scenery libraries to fill out his projects. Still, look at the first image just below. Hard to imagine this is freeware when files like this were unimaginably good just a few years ago.


So, tdg gives us another great airport with an interesting route network to tinker with, and there’s not much more to say than that, is there. Well…maybe…thanks?

Find the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47264-lfbh-la-rochelle-airport-france/


And here’s a new LIML Milano Linate by Pat372. It continues to stun that after how many years there’s still no payware for the two major airports in Milan (the other being the much larger LIMC Malpensa) and, oddly enough, many  of the freeware files have either been of modest quality or so old they no longer work in Xp11. This file is on the right path though still needs some work on details, but the bare bones (layout and main buildings) are good enough to use as is. One issue I had was that almost all gates and ramps are filled, so you’ll open on top of another aircraft almost all the time.

LIML Linate was the main airport for the area until Malpensa went online in 1948; operations at Linate have since been scaled back due to its proximity to the city center. Even with this diminished role, you’ll find an interesting assortment of airlines and destinations out here, though nothing in comparison to Malpensa or even LIME Orio al Serio (the third major airport in the region). You might try routes to Dublin, Stockholm, or Sofia if looking for something new.


LIML is a main navigational waypoint if coming south over the Alps from Zurich, Munich, or Basel, so it’s nice to have a decent airport here now. Until a payware developer comes along, this file will get the job done, and while not perfect it is certainly of good quality. Thanks to the developer for sharing this one, and we hope he continues to work on the details.

Get the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47269-milano-linate-airport/


LSZR St Gallen, Switzerland was recently revised (download link here), so we were tinkering with Alabeo’s new C177 Cardinal RG there a few days ago and ended up flying an interesting, if incredibly easy, VFR route up to EDDS Stuttgart.

“What makes it interesting?” you ask.

“Well,” I reply, “the route takes you astride Lindau before going right over EDNY Friedrichshafen, and though the overall route is less than a hundred miles it ends up at one of aeroSoft’s nicest airports, EDDS Stuttgart. What’s not to like?”

“But,” you add, “what makes it so easy?”

“Ah, well, listen up, and take notes…”

So, you open up on the ramps at St Gallen and fire up your GPS, enter EDDS and end up with a course of 347º and a distance of 89 miles. Hit the ‘M’ key and bring up the map in X-plane, find VOR Tango, then the VOR at EDDS; enter those at NAV1 and NAV2 respectively, and also take note of DME SGD (114.45) at EDDS. Set your heading bug on the DG to 347º, and you can pre-set these values on the AP if you want to use Otto on this flight: ALT=5000MSL, VR=500FPM. See the example images further down if not sure what this looks like.


Above, the departure from St Gallen. Below, setting up your panel for navigation.

VFR panels

Below, departing LSZR, abreast the medieval island city of Lindau (which we covered a couple of weeks back), passing over EDNY Friedrichshafen, then just puttering along at 5000MSL…

e z vfr 1

Below, on final at EDDS, then taxing to the GA ramps. Our route takes you to the Tango VOR (TGO, 112.5) for a handoff to Stuttgart ATC on the way to Stuttgart VOR (STG, 116.85) and runway assignment. Why is this route “easy”? There are almost no course changes, so it should be, in effect, an easy to follow route past some interesting scenery (not to mention with good airports along the way.

e z EDDS

EDDS and EDNY are both excellent aeroSoft airport files, by the way.

If new to Xp, or to flying in general, try this easy exercise and see if you can make it without the autopilot.

Any questions? Fire away…and if not, we’ll see you next time.

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