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xsr LEAL 2

Speaking with the developer of LEAL Alicante last night, we’ve learned that they intend to produce more freeware files as they continue to work on payware projects, and this is great news. Also, I think we picked up an oblique hint that one or more of these projects will be in Spain – and this too is great to learn. While this teams roots are in Chile, they are obviously world class developers capable of tackling any airport in the world.

As mentioned in our last post, VirtualDesign3D has already created some of the best  airports – both freeware and payware – in X-plane. If you missed our long post on their various projects in Chile last December, click here and sit back with some coffee for a very long read. And don’t grouse and run off because these are in Chile, because starting in Santiago and heading up the Pacific Coast to Colombia will eventually take you to San Jose, Costa Rica…then on to San Jose, California. Or head NE for Rio, then keep on going – to Paris or Frankfurt…or KJFK. The point is…stretch your boundaries, use Xp to learn more about your world. Read our post on Chile and see if you don’t agree.

But back to business. VirtualDesign3D’s LEAL Alicante is one of the best airport files to come to X-plane in a long time, and though we covered the basics in our last post we omitted a few areas. So, let’s see what we can see today, in and around this grand new airport file. So, buckle up and let’s go…

LEAL sub hdr

Let’s start this journey by hopping in the Bell 407 and heading for the city of Alicante, just six miles away. Take a look at more airport detail on the way out, like the ramps and car parks, noting that all the car parks use objects for cars, never leaving those details for a smeary ortho (like too many payware developers still do). As you leave the airport you’ll note the ortho does a good job with vegetation and road placement, and if your eyes are good you might see the light rail line between the main terminal and the city – just off to the left in the third image below. Next image and we’re over the port area, which includes modest container ship facilities as well as ore/grain loading areas. Next up, a night view of the Castle of Santa Barbara, then the heliport near the marina, another view of the Castle, then two angles covering the marina area.

LEAL 2.2

There’s more to see but that’s all up to you now. Let’s head back to the airport and check out the north ramps, where it looks like cargo flights might unload. Next, some of the extraordinary detail on the Jetways, then we’ll stop at an EasyJet A320. Notice the people walking up to the aircraft, and one chap on the stairs heading up to the aft door? Those people are animated, even the chap walking up the stairs. Is this a first? Well, anyway, the flutterbug hovering beyond the 757 is part of the scenery package, too. Nice!


Now, let’s head inside. Assuming we find a place to park first…

Rotary doorways lead inside to the main entry concourse, where you’ll find several check-in areas…then security screening areas that lead past fast food restaurants and coffee shops before leaving you in the departure concourse, complete with Duty Free shops, bookstores and, of course, about 3500 Starbucks shops in this one area alone. Don’t forget to soak in the details as you walk out to your flight back to Oslo…

LEAL 2.4

As we concluded, this is a modeling tour-de-force, and a much needed facility on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Along with Valencia and Barcelona, we have three great files to work this area now, but this LEAL is over the top grand. Look at the flight options available from here, then load this one up and be prepared to be amazed.

Again, this file is at the Org Store. Don’t miss this Must Have, 10/10 project…


Here’s 26N, Ocean City Municipal, Ocean City, New Jersey, a small GA airport in the shadow of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Besides the airport being decently modeled, the developer has included lots of VFR reporting landmarks (water towers, nuclear power plant, in addition to several large hotels and casinos in the Atlantic City area), and that sets this file apart – making it a Must Have addition. The airport ties in nicely to existing airports in Xp, as well as fun flights out Long Island to Block Island and Nantucket.


The file, by StevePHL (who’s made the terrific KPHL/Philly CITY VFR file), also includes the heliport on the amusement pier right by the Atlantic City casinos. This 92N pad services the Trump Hotel and Casino.


Both files are on the same download page, and we’d recommend both. Get it here:



LIRU Rome Urbe Airport is located less than 5km from the city centre of Rome, Italy; this was the pre-WWII international airport, and now serves the business and general aviation community in the area. The file includes converted FS9 objects, as well as some legobrick hangers, and the results are quite nice. In the past few months we’ve seen two other Roman airports, filling out the area with airports for international traffic, regional commuter flights, and now GA aircraft. GA flyers might want to get this one onboard, too, if only to fly up to Florence and Genoa. Quite a fun flight, that is.


Get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47161-roma-urbe/

We’ll seeya soon. Don’t forget to use your cowl flaps! –

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