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Nimbus releases their new KORD, and tdg pops one loose on the Normandy coast! What’s not to love? Well, let’s add a real nice airport in Bulgaria to the mix and, just for fun, a small GA airport in the lost wilds of New Jersey. You just never know what’s coming around the bend in the X-plane omniverse, do you?

Ready? Let’s take a look-see…


KORD Chicago O’Hare International Airport

I think it fair to say more than a few people have been looking forward to Nimbus’ KORD Chicago O’Hare. Pre-release imagery focused on animated people moving around inside the terminal buildings and yes, it’s an interesting effect…but the real news is that performance (e.g., framerates) doesn’t suffer as a result…so the file has been graciously optimized with real world performance taken into account.

Another peripheral element to consider? Laminar just added a bunch of detail to the downtown Chicago area, including to the Lake Michigan waterfront. Global Airports also has a decent Midway Airport onboard now, so Chicago now presents a viably cluttered appearance. Given that KORD is one of the busiest airports in the world, heavy metal drivers ought to be chomping at the bits to get going here.

So…was it worth the wait?


After a few hours poking around I’d have to say the results are impressive enough to warrant upgrading your earlier Nimbus O’Hare (you’ll get 10 buckeroos off the new price if an existing owner), and, when taken with DDs new SeaTac and recently updated KJFK/KLGA, gives US flyers three airports with finely modeled interiors to go along with their picture perfect exteriors. All of the main areas at O’Hare are modeled now, including the newest NE air cargo facility and the international departures concourse, so the options here are truly almost limitless. Take a look at the list of airlines and destinations to see what we mean.


Details abound, however the ramps aren’t cluttered, but that was more than likely a decision meant to preserve framerates. There is enough to keep things immersive, however. From a distance, night windows look like the dreaded smeary blues – until you get up close and look inside, then things change. Kind of an “Oh, my!” moment, too. People moving, lots of relevant detail…this is Nimbus’ best yet.


There are now two expansive cargo facilities here, one on the south side and the aforementioned NE facility. Not über detailed but well enough to get the job done, if you enjoy cargo OPS this file is going to be hard to beat for flights to both Asia and Europe, or simply around the US.


So? Worth the wait? Yes, indeed so. In fact, it’s hard to imagine something like this coming to X-plane only a few years ago, and Nimbus’ KORD is a very reasonably priced at 28 USD.  It’s at the Org Store…now.


LFRG Deauville Normandy Airport

tdg’s latest is at LFRG Deauville Normandy. Yes, THAT Normandy, as in the D-Day invasion seen in such films as Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day, only now we find a small regional airport focused on taking holiday makers to the Med.  – and no Me-109s and Spitfires wheeling around in the clouds.

The list of airlines and destinations is very short indeed, yet I can’t imagine NOT having this one onboard now that I’ve used it. Why? Because the GA opportunities from here are truly interesting. Mt St Michelle or Dublin? Amsterdam or Marseilles? The possibilities are endless, and this is a tdg airport so you know the facility will be hyper detailed and immersive.

In short, don’t miss this one.


Get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47043-lfrg-deauville-normandy-airport-france/


LBSF Sofia International Airport, Sofia, Bulgaria

Located just north of Istanbul near the shores of the Black Sea, here’s an international airport that links West to East. Check out the list of airlines and destinations to see what we mean, but on the strength of the quality on display here you ought to pick this one up and check it out.


Great, deep file. Get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/39565-lbsf-sofia-airport/


N87 Robbinsville, New Jersey

Situated just SW of Newark, New Jersey, N87 is a small, hyper detailed GA airport that will fit into our large existing network of payware airports covering New England. There are two download options to be aware of, as well: one with grass and one without. The grass option looks spectacular but may slam slower GPUs, but try it first as the results are quite special. Just take a look…


If into GA flights along the Atlantic seaboard or up into New England, don’t miss this one. Get it right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47033-n87-robbinsville-airport/

Bye for now. Seeya soon –

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