x+s+r // 0NJ8 + SNAE + DTMB + EDDG

EDDG Spartan hdr

More freeware to look at today, a few revisions, a few new files. And yes, the flow of new payware has trickled to a stop again. Bah – humbug!


KEWR Port Newark–Elizabeth Marine Terminal with Bridges & Helipad v1.2.0

A minor addition to the Newark Harbor file we reported on over the weekend, you can now open at a helipad in the marine terminal ( 0NJ8 – Zero-N-J-8 ), increasing the utility of this great scenery addition to the New York City area.




BR PE SNAE – Arcoverde Airport (2018) 1.0.0

Another revised file by Ruifo, this one located in Arcoverde, Brazil. This is a small GA airport that exhibits extraordinary attention to detail and that is a pleasure to use. You’ll also see a few more night panel shots of the new Cessna 310L we covered last time out, in case you’re interested. Note: SNAE is located quite near Recife (covered yesterday), if interested in a short GA flight in the region.




DTMB Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport,Tunisia 1.0

DTMB is located on Tunisia’s NE coast, and this dramatic looking airport is well executed for Xp11; you’ll also find a nice list of airlines and destinations to work with (see here). Especially nice looking at night, this airport is almost right on the beach and in an area with highly variable weather and gusty winds the norm. Have fun!




EDDG Munster Osnabrück International Airport (w/WT3 files)

EDDG is a small international airport that primarily serves the winter charter market for tourists seeking an escape from the winter doldrums, but don’t let that keep you from sticking this well executed file in your scenery folder. Look over the list of airlines and destinations and decide for yourself, because there are some interesting options here.




Blast from the Past

Alenia C-27J Spartan

This C-27J Spartan is an oldie but goodie, originally made for v9.20 but updated to v10.41 in 2015. Yes, it’s in desperate need of an update. No, it doesn’t work perfectly in v11. But…it is flyable and it’s still a gorgeous model. The 3D panel is dated, lighting is barely adequate by v11 standards, yet even so this one is kind of fun. Give it a try on a rainy day and see if it doesn’t make you smile just a little…



And that’s about all for today. We’ll be back…probably…maybe…


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  1. Bob tessier says:

    Thanks for this blog. I really enjoy it and to discover some gems I overlooked.


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