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A couple of interesting new freeware scenery files to look at today: one a whimsical flight of fancy, the other a long overlooked commercial facility in Northwest Finland…so let’s get to it.


Ilha dos porcos Grandes (eng.: Big Pig Island) is, first of all, real. And yes, there is an airstrip on the island. A private airstrip. The island is located just south of Rio on the Atlantic coast in an area exemplified by lush tropical foliage and mountainous national parks. The setting is so perfect that cruise ships ply these waters.

We took the freshly revised Bell 429 out for a spin around the area and saw a few of the easter eggs scattered about…including campsites and ultralights, small houses set back in the woods, but we also noted files in the main folder for all kinds of animal life so perhaps we simply touched the tip of the iceberg?


So, if looking for a place to work on your flutterbug skills, this just might be the place you’ve been looking for. Or, for scenic flights from Rio, this would be hard to beat in your favorite GA single…it’ll be a good NAV exercise, too!

Get your very own island right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46949-ilha-dos-porcos-grandes-rj/


EFOU subhdr

Without fail, and several times a week, too, we look at new scenery files from first time developers and just kind of sigh. There’s a learning curve to anything and scenery development isn’t exactly easy, but still…looking at a box dropped next to a grass strip and calling it an airport gets kind of old. But that’s just one of the things we like about this new file in NW Finland…because, yes, this file is from a first-timer, and yes, it’s really quite good.

No, it’s not quite perfect. No, it’s not quite tdg quality. But…look at the foliage, the grasses, the choice of scenery library objects, the car parks and the dozens of other little details…and all of a sudden you sit up and take note, because this is a very interesting, not to mention quite well executed airport file.

And while you may not have heard of EFOU, it is the second largest/busiest in Finland (at least, according to Wikipedia it was in 2016). Finnair, SAS, and Norwegian all operate out of here, each going to Helsinki several ties a day and seasonal destinations as far south as the Canary Islands (list here). First, here are a few images of the real airport.

EFOU real

Considering this is a scenery library airport the results are quite good. No, the deep blue cladding isn’t used on the main terminal and no, the control tower isn’t as cool looking as the one on the ground, but this’ll more than do until TruScenery or aeroSoft get around to making this one. Or until this new developer get’s up to speed and turns his file into a real work of art… Anyway, great start here. Hope (s)he keeps going with it.

EFOU 2day

You’ll note the wind generators on the beach (second image above); I’m assuming those came from a Finland VFR Objects file I have onboard. I also have a Finland OSM file installed, so roads and other auto-gen will be improved over stock. Below, night images, and the first problem seen is a biggie: there’s no ramp lighting installed yet. ***Oh, the revised Saab is proving to be a very sweet flying aircraft. Don’t forget the sale going on at X-Aviation this weekend!***


Still, this is a preliminary version so we’ll be keeping a close eye out on this one.

Get EFOU here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46945-efou-oulun-lentoasema-for-xp-11/

For Finland OSM, lots of free goodies, VFR landmarks and airports, head over to TruScenery.

And we’ll see you next time. Happy trails –

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