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Well, well…tdg releases another file and true to form there seems to be no pattern to where he’ll strike next. This time we’re going to Cyprus, and we’ll be dropping by Down Mexico Way to look at a new airport (but not by Ruifo – who has been silent for quite a while). Then it’s down to Rio for a quick look around before heading back to central France. Along the way we’ll look over the latest version of Carenado’s venerable Pilatus PC12 for Xp11, version 1.2, which came out yesterday. And late tonight, version 1.51 of the Leading Edge Saab 340a is hot off the press, and we’ll post a quick look tomorrow.


Ready to look around?


Any day tdg releases a new file is almost always a good day. He’s been focusing on the Med lately, or regions nearby, but who knows where his next file will be. Anywhere the wind blows, I reckon.

LCPH Paphos International Airport, Cyprus, is located on the SW coast of the island, and is the second largest airport in the country. The list of airlines and destinations includes BA Finnair, S7, and many more (and, oh yes, that includes Ryanair), so this one will keep you busy for quite a while. Don’t forget the payware Larnaca file is out there too if you want to concentrate on this area. tdg’s file includes passenger ramps, hardened military revetments, some light commercial warehouses around the periphery, and a large GA apron. Car parks, foliage and grasses are all up to tdg’s usual high standards. PBR materials are employed, as well.


Get the file here while you can: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46869-lcph-paphos-international-airport-cyprus/   While, perhaps, of limited interest due to its location, you might give it a try and see if it yanks your chain.

We updated our Carenado HD Pilatus PC12 v11 from v1 to v1.2, and improvements are subtle:

v1.2 list of changes:
  • -More improvements to sounds
  • -Corrected Autopilot red LED behaviour.
  • -Tweaked landing and taxi light behaviour when starting from cold and dark
v1.1 list of changes:
  • -Added pressure dump
  • -Many improvements to sounds
  • -improved instrument reflections
  • -Made improvements to the electronic artificial horizon
  • -updated documentation
  • -Added GoodWay support

Ground handling and panel lighting seem improved, and a few more manipulators are working now, yet the lighting rheostats remain inoperative. For a relatively complex aircraft the PC12 seems remarkably easy to get used to (aside from the AP, which at times seems balky), and I don’t know, but the entire panel looked really nice this time out (whereas the first few times I tinkered in v1 it looked lackluster). Take a look:

LCPH c2 PC12v1.2

The panel employs the Laminar G530 so at least that much is easy enough to deal with, and documentation remains modest but workable.

In terms of real aircraft and Carenado, they’ve done a remarkable job here and the panel is gorgeous – and operation is straight-forward for a PT-6 engined aircraft. Pilatus also has a few iOS apps you can look at, in case interested. About the only aircraft that competes with this aircraft in the real world is the Socata TBM850, and Carenado’s version is still languishing in v3.2 purgatory, but look at  that last image just above, at the reflections on the cowling and around the glass. Stunning. And very fun to fly. We entered EDDS on the Garmin and had a great flight, so we heartily recommend this one.


Now for something a little different. MMPR Puerto Vallarta is on Mexico’s West Coast (fronting both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez), and it was, perhaps, the favorite playground for Californians back in the 70s and 80s – and so developed quite a reputation as party central back in the day. That dude who wrote The Bridges of Madison County also penned another novel titled Puerto Vallarta Squeeze, an interesting spy novel set in the city and worth a read.

All the usual suspects fly here (here’s the list), but there’s at least one airline you might not expect to see flying here: Finnair!


You’ll find all the usual amenities here, from passenger ramps to cargo and GA aprons:


And the best part of all? You already have it onboard, assuming you’re keeping your Xp install up to date. Yes, this is a Scenery Gateway airport now included in your Global Airports folder.


And here’s a new SBRJ Santos Dumont Airport in Rio. Light one detail but easy on the framerates, if you don’t need a full-featured airport here this might be an adequate stand-in.


Grab it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46879-sbrj-santos-dumont-airport/


We mentioned this one yesterday so thought we’d better include a few pictures, just in case? Here’s LFLY Lyon Bron, in Lyon, France. Once Lyon’s main commercial airport, it turned into a GA airport in 1955. This version includes a few passenger gates for some reason, as well as a large heliport. And don’t forget to add the large Lyon VFR city file!


LFLY is available here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/25507-lfly-lyon-bron-france/

The mandatory Lyon city file is right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40502-lyon-vfr-plus/

That’s all for now. We’ll look at the Saab tomorrow, so check back over the weekend. We’ll see you then –

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