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4DM hdr

We ran across four small GA airfields scattered around Germany, each quite interesting individually but taken as a whole they form a fun, perhaps even challenging NAV exercise for beginners just starting to work VORs. Well, then we began to look at this exercise as something a little more involved – say a multi-leg, several hours long journey that looks a little like this:


This flight walks you through the four airports we’ll look at today, then turns west to LSGY (which we’ve covered in depth, several times) before going to the GA airport in Lyon, France. From there, head south to either (or both) LFMT or LFMP to round out a gorgeous day flying along the Jura and the French Alps, ending up at a sunny airport on the Med.

Only in X-plane, right?! Anyway, let’s start on the north end of this route and work our way south.

  1. EDXE Rheine Eschendorf, a grass airfield in the Münster / Osnabrück region of northwest Germany; the file is optimized for X-Plane 11 and includes a nice ortho as well as nearby towns with custom objects. The terminal building includes a patio restaurant and hotel, and the control tower, too. Bitte ein Bit?


Get the file here: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=17

2. EDRN Nannhausen is a small grass airfield located quite near Frankfurt Hahn (an aeroSoft file); there are some eclectic elements here, like skateboarding kids and a big yellow An-2 waiting to tow gliders. Runway follows terrain contours better be OFF at this one.


Get it here: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=73

3. EDNQ Bopfingen is small sport aircraft facility about 45 nmi from Stuttgart, and this file was created by a serious artist. Good luck finding it, as it kind of sneaks up on you and if you blink you might miss it.


Get it right here: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=43

4. xEDGY Lindau Bondensee is yet another small grass airfield easily missed, and you’ll want to get this file onboard ASAP if only because it fills out a dramatic bit of shore along Lake Constance (Bodensee) with an absolutely gorgeous model of Lindau, a medieval village located on a tiny island just offshore. Named for native Linden trees that grow in the area, Lindau is a true “bucket-list” destination and this file for Xp11 captures some of that essence – in short, it looks better than nice. The image at the very top of this post was captured there.

Note: the xEDGY designator is not an official designator.


Get the file here: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19

You should already have LSGY onboard (if you’ve been reading along the past few days), and we just reviewed LFMT and LFMP in the last week, leaving LFLY Lyon Bron the only airport you’ll need to complete this route (get LFLY here).

You’ll soon find that some of these small airports aren’t in your Garmin’s database, so guess what? Time to get the relevant sectionals onboard and start plotting intersecting radials! Remember how to do that? Of course you do! And even so, two of these are hard to see (or easy to  miss) so, again, the first four airports are kind of a skills test for those of you just starting out.

Once you leave Lindau you’ll want some altitude, which is why Carenado’s latest Bonanza came along with me for this trip. The two legs from Lindau to Lyon are worth the trouble, but give yourself some visibility so you don’t miss the scenery.


KDAL Dallas Love Field came in for a revision today, and this latest version adds more peripheral detail, including the new Southwest Airlines campus. Planning on getting your type there? Start practicing now where you’ll do all your classroom and SIM training.

The new version has been thoroughly updated and includes MrX’s latest, so update your library. Take a look:


Love Field is just a few miles from downtown Dallas, which was why Southwest chose to headquarter there; KDFW is not quite 25 miles distant so is not as convenient. It was also Braniff’s HQ.


Rumor has it a new payware KDAL is in the works, but until then give this file a try. Take a Southwest 737-7 from here to Houston Hobby, New Orleans, or Albuquerque. Or try a 738 to LAX, SFO, or PDX. Want a multi-leg flight? Try DAL to Oklahoma City, Kansas City, then Chicago Midway, or Hartford Bradley to Raleigh-Durham to KDAL.

Get her right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46867-kdal-dallas-love-field-v2-verticalsim3rdwatch/

If you want the ortho, save you file from v1.x or read the release notes re where to get your copy.

Happy trails! Seeya around the campfire –

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