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PAE xsr hdr

So, here we are, our last look at DDs massive (and expensive) Seattle Area Airports file, and today we’re looking at KPAE Paine Field in Everett, Washington. The facility is also called Snohomish County Airport, reflecting the varied use forecast here over the next decade or so, including the introduction of passenger service here next year.

This is also Boeing’s largest manufacturing facility, and includes the largest building (by volume) in the world. Interestingly, this building is modeled – inside and out – for this file, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. The only drawback? It would be nice to have an electric golf cart type vehicle to putter around all these areas, because it’s otherwise somewhat difficult to move around inside buildings within Xp.

Boeing currently makes 747s here, as well as 767s, 777, and some variants of the 787. In addition, ATS (Aviation Technical Services) operates a heavy check facility for airlines that don’t have in-house capability. There are also five flight schools here, including a helicopter flight school, as well as massive air cargo facilities and space for around 3-400 GA aircraft.

This is a huge, even a sprawling airport, and when you open up here in X-plane it’s a true “jaw-dropping” moment, yet when you scan around and try to take it all in, something else will dawn on you. For an airport so huge, and so complex, performance is great.

Let’s take a look!

First two images below are of the Boeing cargo ramps found on the NW corner of the field. Next, four images of the new passenger terminal, due to open in 2019. Alaska, Southwest, and United Express will operate here (Autogate enabled). Last, a section view of the control tower.

PAE c1

Next up, the new aircraft delivery center, and this building too includes a modeled interior. You can see the podium where formal delivery presentations are held, and there are offices and classrooms in other areas of this building. Last image below, an overview of the north end of the field.

PAE c3.png

Next up, the 747 VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) and do note, if in the area you should sign up and try to get tickets to daily tours conducted here. Truly fascinating.

PAE c2

When taken as a whole, DDs Seattle Area Airports file is the biggest, grandest collection of airports I’ve ever seen in X-plane, yet despite it’s daunting complexity installation is easy and performance is great. Of course, I have no idea if people will want to check out the assembly lines at Renton or here in Everett, but the option exists and I highly recommend you give it a try.

Obviously, freeware options exist, even for the Seattle city file, and for some that may be all they want, or need. Yet I suspect those that take the freeware route will do so for economic reasons, because what DD has created here is simply without precedent in X-plane: they have rendered the SeaTac terminal in unprecedented detail, while Boeing Field is simply fun to explore now. Renton and Paine Field are (perhaps) less interesting to heavy metal pilots, but I would nevertheless recommend both to diehard Boeing fans. Also, keep in mind that DDs Seattle city file encompasses much more than just the downtown area. Or, just do the math and each airport is less than 20 dollars…

Yes, 67 bucks is a tough pill to swallow. There’s only one file more expensive: the Dolomites, yet I can’t find a good argument why DDs Seattle airports isn’t the best undertaking of its sort yet seen in X-plane. If you can handle the price, and if you routinely fly around this part of North America, you should have this one onboard.


A decent, if minor update to TNCM Princess Julianna Airport came out late yesterday (to v1.5), and with improved runway textures and more peripheral detail the latest file is worth the effort to keep up-to-date.


Get the updated file through your account at the Org Store. Oh, the MagKnight 787-9 received a minor update yesterday, as well, with more switches and knobs now active on the panel and with improved cockpit textures. At the Org Store.


Our favorite small commercial airport came in for some tweaks today. FlyDesign’s EPSY Olsztyn-Mazury Airport is now at version 1.1, and there are numerous incremental updates to textures and objects. Always interesting when the best gets better!


Look at that last image! Like an architectural model come to life, this hyper-detailed terminal is simply the best such structure in X-plane. I purchased direct from the developer and received an email about the update this morning, so their service and attention to detail is certainly solid. Check with your vendor to get the update onboard, or purchase this Must Have file direct from the developer at their store.

So, the fat lady is singing again. Time to scoot, but we’ll seeya around the campfire –

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