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RNT xsr hdr

We’ll continue our look at Drzewiecki Design’s Seattle Area airports today, looking at KRNT Renton Municipal and the much smaller GA airfield S50, as well as aeroSoft’s latest – ENTC Tromsø – so let’s jump right in.


Renton Field is one of the most storied airports anywhere in the world. It’s seen production lines for the B-29, the 707, the 727 series, as well as all 757s within its varied buildings…to name but a few. Today, 737 production is centered at Renton, which, one assumes, means this facility will hum along for another 50 years – and then who knows what will come out of these buildings?

DDs version captures the essence of this place quite well, and they’ve included some interior detailing of the current 737 main production line in their effort. Take a look:


Once again and as seen at KBFI Boeing Field, DD has deployed some very high quality static aircraft and other art assets to really convey the true nature of this special place. You’ll find aircraft in various states of construction and finishing-out on both sides of the field, and the peripheral detailing should really be studied by other developers to get an idea of how these areas should be filled out. With immense parking lots crammed full of cars almost everywhere you look, you have to marvel at the performance here (which is quite good, considering).

There are two very small GA areas here, one tucked into a corner of the northwest side near the lake, the other just off the east side of the runway. There’s scheduled float plane service to the San Juan Islands, too; these flights depart from the seaplane docks along the north waterfront.


Redmond, WA is just north of the airport, and this urban area is nicely detailed.


Just SW of KRNT you’ll find a small GA airport – S50 Auburn – included with this package. S50 is a decent enough addition but I almost wonder why such a different facility was included with this package. There are no radio aids or conventional ILS approach aids (though there are two RNAV approaches). There IS a nice looking horse racing track nearby, however…so all is not lost, I suppose.


Well, S50 makes one more airport we can use for GA flights down the Pacific Northwest corridor…such as KAWO Arlington to S50 Auburn to Orbx’s latest KVUO Pearson Field in Vancouver. Good r/t and ATC practice, anyway, and nice airports for touch-n-goes.

We’ll look at KPAE Paine Field next time out.


entc hdr

aeroSoft’s latest, ENTC Tromsø, marks – I think – the continuing evolution of their house development teams. The interior is fully modeled here, nicely detailed (and relevant) static aircraft line the ramps, and there’s all the clutter you could hope for. Further, this island airport’s surrounding towns and villages are fully realized, including the massive local hospital – complete with heliport!

Six months ago we’d have likely seen none of these details, but as we’ve said time and time again, the competitive environment in X-plane is heating up and buyers (not to mention reviewers!) are demanding more from our developers. And all I can say is the results speak for themselves here…inasmuch as all the items mentioned are very nicely done in this file. In fact, there’s only one error, and it’s an understandable omission: the parking lot outside the main terminal entry is in fact a two story affair and not the simple ground level lot in this version. Yet…we all know how tough it is to cut below grade in X-plane.

Tromsø Airport is located quite far north, about 750 nmi north of Oslo, and the airport is located on a small island in semi-protected waters quite near the coast. Winters here are, in other words, legitimately termed arctic. Despite this, a large number of airlines carry passengers to a surprising set of destinations, including the usual suspects like Mallorca and the Canary Islands, but also to Gdansk, Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich (see the list here).

aeroSoft’s file nails the overall details of the main passenger buildings as well as the smaller outlying objects on both sides of the runway. As we mentioned, details on the ramps are sufficient to lend immersive interest without bogging down performance, and lighting on the ramps at night lends a realistic atmosphere to the proceedings.

Let’s take a look, but where possible, try to look inside the terminal building. In the second image below, the odd looking angular structure to the left is actually a glass-covered stairway to the lower level of the parking garage. Note that when inside the glass is transparent – so what’s on the ramps is visible.


In the next set of images, we see the cargo ramps, the hospital in town, the island (nice ortho, too), more images of the hospital and heliport, and the GA ramps opposite the main terminal area.


There’s just something about the last image (just above) that strikes me as beautiful, from a scenery development point of view, anyway. Note the trees and shrubs, the varied heights and textures, the same with all the grasses and flowers, then the parallel roadways divided by the fence. It’s a pastoral scene almost worthy of a painting, yet this is X-plane and it’s just fascinating to see.

Anyway, you know we’ve always been nuts about Norwegian airports in Xp, and this is one of the very best yet so we have no qualms calling this new ENTC a Must Have file, a solid 10 out of 10, and it’s at the aeroSoft store now for a very reasonable 18 buckeroos (USD).

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