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BFI main hdr

We’ll look at KBFI Boeing Field today, as well as a couple of freeware files worth looking at, as well…so let’s hop to it.

BFI subhdr

Boeing Field, aka King County International Airport, was Seattle’s main commercial airport until the late 1940s (when KSEA first opened); today the airport primarily serves as Boeings flight test and airline delivery center. As the manufacturers delivery center, representatives and pilots from an airline taking delivery arrive here and go over the aircraft, then pilots take the new aircraft on a series of shake-down flights…typically  over to Great Falls, Montana and back. Everything from seat-back tray-tables to latches on galley doors is checked by cabin crew, while all ship’s systems are checked by pilots and engineers on a series of four to five flights.

Boeing isn’t the only presence at KBFI, however, so we’ll break this look down into three main parts: the north end, the south end, and the east side.

North End

This area encompasses the Boeing Delivery Center as well as hangers for maintenance, painting, and avionics installation and repair. DD has included very high quality static aircraft for these areas, and the various hangers are nicely modeled and weathered. Ramps are appropriately cluttered, while grasses and foliage are convincingly immersive.


South End

A small control tower separates the north from the south end of the airport, and the south end is home to Boeing’s extensive Museum of Flight, seen just below. Tucked into this area is a very small GA hanger area, and note; if you hold a high enough membership at the museum you get some interesting benefits, like space to taxi right up to the museum and park your aircraft for the duration of your visit to the museum.


And see just above, the most curious aspect of the airfield is this heavily guarded ramp area loaded with P8s and AWACs type aircraft. I’ve also seen EMB jets getting systems added in this area.

East Side

Below, the east side of Boeing Field. You’ll find lots of extremely well detailed support buildings and biz-jet ramps here.


Departing north from KBFI you first some to a large containership loading facility, then you’ll be out over the harbor. As you fly along, you’ll pass ferry terminals and ferris wheels, then the Seattle Aquarium. Hop on over to the Space Needle, then to Lake Union – where you’ll run across the famous wooden boat museum. Fly on down the channel back to the harbor and you’ll come to Shilshole Marina…

BFI sea 2

We’ll continue our look at DDs tremendous new Seattle Airports file in our next post, so stay tuned for more. Next up, a quick look at two new freeware files.


Originally released by tdg in May ’17, the Xp 11.25 update made revisions to the ramps at LGKF Kefallinia necessary. This is another nice tdg airport located on an island off the Ionian coast quite near the Corinth Canal, and an airport that has an extensive list of airlines and destinations. Check it out, as a nice hop to Corfu should come to mind…!


tdg’s revised file is right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37855-lgkf-kefallinia-airport-greece/


KLVS Las Vegas Municipal might easily be mistaken for a small GA facility near the famed Las Vegas Strip – but this one is located far away, in New Mexico. I’d hesitate to include it here in the review but for one simple reason: flying from Texas to either Santa Fe or Taos, this is a fine place to stop and put on fuel before crossing the mountains. Located just off Interstate 40 about halfway between Lubbock, Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico, Las Vegas NM is a veritable hole in the wall. Ranching is the big deal out there, but there’s a university located in the town, as well. Another claim to fame? Much of the original Red Dawn was filmed in the area.


You’ll find the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46718-klvs-las-vegas-muni/

And with any luck at all, we’ll see you next time with a look at Paine Field.

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