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xsr da 62 hdr

A little housekeeping up first today. We received this from Viacheslav PyrihThanks a lot for the review of my UKLL scenery, there’s just one thing you forgot to mention regarding the runway, there’s a link in the user manual to an Ortho4XP tile with a runway patch that makes a silky smooth slope just like it is in real life, thanks 🙂 That said, if you downloaded this excellent file in the Ukraine be sure to look over the user manual!

France VFR finally made their latest file – LFMT Montpellier Mediterranean – available on a third-party sales platform (the aeroSoft Store) so the hurdle we encountered downloading this one is now gone. We pulled the trigger, and we’ll look at the file today with one question in mind: should you? We also looked at an updated KBID Block Island, Rhode Island (payware) and two updated freeware scenery files – one in Sweden and the other in Japan – as well as the recently updated Aerobask DA-62. That said, there’s a lot on our plate today so we’d better just dive on in.

LFMT hdr

This is an intriguing file if you like to fly around the western Med (we do), and while the list of airlines and destinations is brief, you’ll likely find it very interesting. From Algiers to Casablanca in North Africa to the holiday island of Ibiza, from Dublin to Copenhagen and almost two dozen more very popular Western European destinations, if you want to fly from here you’ll have some real fun hitting all the available options.

Located not at all far from Marseilles and Nice, LFMT sits on the French Mediterranean coast about halfway between Spain and Italy, so commercial as well as GA opportunities abound, air cargo OPS too, and France VFR’s file is detailed to allow all three options. Let’s take a look:

LFMT comp

The last image (just above) is the air cargo center across from the main terminal. Note the detail here, as well as around the other peripheral commercial centers. Solar panels on covered parking areas are a nice touch, too. Textures on all the main airport buildings are sharp as a tack and as immersive as can be; night textures are generally decent though a few areas (generally out of sight) are simple blue textures. Same with car parks; most are very well detailed – except for those you generally can’t see from the ramps. We like this approach if only because it saves framerates, and what IS visible from the ‘pit is really very well done and adds to the immersive nature of the file. Even the ortho is sharp and well done. Approaches by road are well detailed/lighted, pax entry areas are loaded with cars and buses, and overall the lighting is excellent for car parks, roads, passenger areas and out on the ramps.

The subjective feel here is nicer than at France VFR’s Nantes file, and we loved that one so have no reservations recommending this one, too. It’s a solid 10/10 Must Have File for all of us who enjoy flying around this part of the Med.

The file is now at the aeroSoft Store, for a very reasonable 21$USD.


KBID Block Island has been updated. This is a small payware airport located south of Rhode Island and east of the tip of Long Island, New York; predominantly a GA airport, this fits into our existing GA network that spans New England. Terrain and foliage fill out this update, and though otherwise little changed it’s worth the effort to update this one.


This freshly revised file is at the Org Store. iBlueYonder’s Nantucket is a nice compliment.


ESNU hdr

The freeware ESNU Umea by DS Creations has been revised. You’ll find needed lighting enhancements this time out.


Get the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46670-esnu-umeå-by-ds_creations/


RJSS hdr

RJSS Sendai is located about halfway between Tokyo and the northernmost parts of Honshu, the main island, so it’s well positioned to handle flights between Sapporo and points south. The airport principally handles domestic service, with flights to Guam, Taiwan, and Vietnam also an option. You’ll find good air cargo facilities but limited GA services.

This new file by jpRibs335 is simply stunning, with the main terminal area a real treat. Check out the markings on the car park (below), as well as the main building and it’s lighting. Freeware? Yes it is, so don’t hesitate to add this one to your growing collection of Japanese airports.


This airport was close to the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami area and was heavily affected, but it’s up and operating at full capacity now.

rjss comp 2

This Must Have file is located here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41979-rjss-sendai-airport-japan/


da62 hdr

Aerobask’s Diamond Da-62 came into the shop for some modest enhancements, and the biggest gain appears to be found on the main panel, where sharper textures and subtle improvements to night lighting pay big dividends.

DA62 comp

If you own this file already, the included updater will handle all the chores for you, but do beware, the updater is a separate download so if you didn’t get it the first time around you’d better head back to your download page. If you don’t have this aircraft, the only question I have for you is “Why not?” This remains one of the better GA files in X-plane, period, only now the main panel is much improved.

It’s at the Org Store.


And up last today, a medley of golden oldies for the new Fly-J-Sim 722, and today’s rendition represents a collection of US paint from the early 70s:

727 paints US

  1. amo63’s Braniff International paints can be found here.
  2. The Alaskan Golden Nugget file is right here.
  3. The Northwest Orient file is here.

We’ll see ya’ll around the campfire. Take care.



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