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Well, well, well…Orbx hinted at some kind of special treat for us last weekend, so quite  naturally we were expecting a new file – but not so fast there, Kemo-sahbee, ’cause the big treat Orbx apparently had in mind was an announcement of what’s coming next. And no word on a date, just an announcement. You know what? If this is their idea of a special treat, my guess is those folks think their feet don’t stink.

Anyway, if you looked over their announcement you’d be tempted to think the airport they’re going to treat us with is some pristine thing out in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Well, think again, Tanto.


KVUO Pearson Field in Vancouver, Washington is instead almost right across the Columbia River from KPDX Portland International Airport, and do look over the sectional covering these two airports, because GA traffic at KVUO is heavily effected by wake turbulence from all the heavies coming into and out of Portland. While not out in the boonies, it should be a cutie, but…really??? Bill from iBlueYonder is back at Orbx and is making this one. Much ado about stinky feet, me thinks.


A quiet revision to the Toliss A319 slipped out Monday, and the acf is now at v1.1.1. You’ll find a modest set of enhancements to both textures and animations, and here are a few images with a new Fiji paint:

toliss 111

The panel color seems about the same, at least in daylight, yet at night it’s more yellowish-brown than even the JarDesigns A320, yet the throttle quadrant remains quite gray. Not sure I like this version; in the last image above all the lighting on the main panel is dialed down to get rid of the brownish glow. On the exterior, engine nacelles seemed to get a lot of attention this time out. Still, this is a great acf, one of the very best in Xp…assuming you like the Airbus paradigm, that is.

Here’s the change-log for this minor update:

ESC key can now be used to close the ISCS.
Improved CI-Mach relationship
Implemented an external volume slide to adjust external vs internal volumes to users preferences.
The default x-plane commands for EFIS mode change and Map zoom in now work on the captain ND
“Resume from last time” – can be used to restore the last autosave (in case of crashes) or the last aircraft state when X-Plane was shut-down/the ToLiss unloaded
Gear animation in replay mode is now much smoother
Texture updates by Matthew

Check with your vendor for update procedures.


alpha aviation’s VRMM Malé International – in the Maldives – is a worthy addition to your scenery folder. There’ve been several versions of this airport over the years but this one could be the best yet…with a few tweaks, anyway. I had a bright green artifact appear intermittently near the high-rise office towers on several occasions, and the terminal area could use more detailing. Other than that, this one is looking good to go.


The airport proper has been cleaned up, and the addition of the built-up financial center on the adjacent island is a big improvement over earlier efforts, so if interested in routes traversing the Indian Ocean SW of Sri Lanka, this file might float your boat. Looking over the list of airlines and destinations reveals lots of opportunity for long haul flights to Europe and Asia, as well as Twin Otter flights to nearby islands…assuming someone makes a few airport files to go on a few of those small resort islands! BA, Air France, Lufthansa, Austrian and even Edelweiss get in on the act here, so fire up your Airbus and load your FMS…you got some flyin’ to do.


One of the enduring design flaws in SSGs 748 is the lack of wing loading, whether landing, taking off, or in level flight, and the lack of wing-loading is easily seen in the images above. Here’s a decent video showing an LH 748 taking off from LAX, and you’ll see what many people have been griping about.

Still a lovely aircraft file, and take a close look at Laminar’s default 744 and you’ll see the botched wing on that model. All I can say is: it must be an extremely complicated model to get right. Hopefully the forthcoming 742 will get the job done.

We’ll seeya next time, and happy trails – A

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