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xsr hdr

Carenado’s new Piper PA-31-310 will prove an endlessly useful commuter in all sorts of locations, though a bunch of recent scenery files in French Polynesia (that we’ve been covering) ought to prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. This acf slips into and out of even small air-strips with ease, so if interested in this sort of flying you’d do well to think about this latest Piper.

Stephen Dutton informed me that Felis is working on a new, steam-gauge 742, and JustFLIGHT is as well. Thank You Stephen! Thank You Felis! And you guys at JustFLIGHT? Could you speed things up? And did you see Jack’s new video for the 727v3? Head on over to Threshold to check it out (here); and note Threshold has started a new forum for all kinds of information. Sign up and check it out!

And looks like tdg released yet another airport this week, and true to form there’s no way to tell where he’ll strike next. Last time Greece, and today’s file is in Slovakia, so let’s jump right in and take a look.

LZKZ hdr

LZKZ services far-eastern Slovakia, a region with borders on several eastern European countries, including Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. Romania and the Czech Republic are close to this region as well, and Austria is not at all far away. Interesting set of airlines and destinations at this airport as well, soon including London Southend. Which, hopefully, someone (ahem, cough-cough) will model. Soon. Vienna and Prague are close enough to make interesting short flights, Warsaw too.


A handful of scenery libraries used in this file, and do note that the MrX Library came out with a major update this week (link here), so update to v1.6 now, before you forget!

If you can see it, look at the quality of the bus pulled up at the terminal (image just below). Smashing! Most of these buildings have good detail on all surfaces, including the rooftops, so the overall effect is quite good from all angles.

LZKZ comp 1

Only problem I had? A small exclusion zone area in the parking lot (below) leaves two houses quite near the terminal.

LZKZ exclusion zone

In use, the airport is small enough to be easy to find your way around and otherwise trouble-free, yet detailed enough to get your attention, and keep it. Interesting destinations only make it more useful.

LZKZ comp 2

There’s a huge, quite important Gothic Cathedral about five miles away and if it was included in the file I couldn’t find it. It’s things like this that take a file to the next level, good for VFR reporting landmarks and just for the fun of discovering such things in X-plane.

Sigh. Maybe next time.

Anyway, tdg’s latest is right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46038-lzkz-kosice-international-airport-slovakia/


alpha-aviation has dropped three new files on us this week, and all clustered around Papeete, Tahiti. Below, just added this afternoon, NTAA in Papeete, and keep in mind these are all Xp11 only files. If interested in these airports but still using an older version of Xp, drop on by the xpfr site and get their versions (here).


And late yesterday NTTE Tetiaroa came out, a small commuter airport located on a tiny islet.


Here’s the layout in Google Earth:

FPA ge

If you recall, NTTM came out earlier in the week (review), and you’ll find all three files at the link above. They’re not complex files, and I suppose that’s because they’re not complex airports, but the region is fun to fly around so check it out.

Y’all have fun this weekend, and we’ll see you next time – A

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