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xsr MM

A couple of fun new files, and a nice paint for the Jar-A330 too.

This TAP Portugal “Stopover” livery advertises the airline’s services in much the same way Icelandair pitches an overnight (or longer) stay in the Keflavik area on your way to or from Europe or the US. Very nice paint!


One annoying thing about the JarDesign’s 330 is the way it pushes the Ground Handling file on you. You can clearly see the GHE Deluxe file is deployed in the images above, yet the acf is “warning” me that there’s a GH package available for the aircraft and to go to their site to download the file. If you do you’ll find it works for the JD A330 and nothing else, and if you already have the package onboard it’s not recognized so you get the warning, which won’t go away. The situation is just one more where JD fills your screen with annoying warnings (framerate warnings are mentioned in many forum posts, with the program blocking the view ahead if framerates fall below a certain point). I’m not alone in saying “Stop it! No more!” We can handle our time in Xp the way we want, okay?


So…tdg released a new file yesterday (LGPX(a), so of course ruifo came along with one of his own not long after, and it is, of course, another airport Down Mexico Way. Located on the Gulf Coast a couple hundred miles south of the Texas-Mexican border, MMTM + Tampico Javier Mina International Airport is a small airport serving – primarily – domestic destinations, with the extra added attraction of Houston Intercontinental thrown in for good measure (via United Express, no less). This is a Wed airport so no additional libraries are needed, a real plus for some people.

717 ruifo

No surprises here, except the scenery relies on a fuzzy ortho to render much of the peripheral ground detail/structure, and it just doesn’t work well, or look good. No cars in the main parking lot do NOT help matters, either. In fact, this file looks a little rushed, yet it still works well enough for its intended purpose (uh, gee, as an airport in a flight simulator?)

Get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45954-mx-mmtm-tampico-javier-mina-intl-airport-2018/


This new LSGY Yverdon-Les-Bains file has a lot going for it, including nice trees and foliage, 3D human figures, and a fair representation to what’s on the ground in Switzerland. There’ve been other versions of this airport, and with a higher degree of fidelity to the original airport, yet here we are with another decent duplicate version. Indeed, with a couple of unique, even redeeming features…

In the images below, check out the human figures, including the spotter/photographer, the guy on the cell-phone, and the gentleman gesturing beside the lavender Mercedes. Every picture tells a story, eh? Not sure I like this new leafy grass texture, though, but the people and foliage add a nice bit of depth to this file. The river/canal behind the airport, with the wooden bridge, is another nice feature.

LSGY 1.png

This little airport is not far from LSGG Geneva and if you don’t have time for an hour-plus flight this might be the “go-to quickie” you’ve been searching for…a nice half hour (or less) flight near the Alps could be just the thing on a slow day, ya know…so we took up the Alabeo Ovation II up for a quick spin…and you’ll just see the canal/bridge in the second image below.


I have to comment on the rock-solid flight model Alabeo put together for this new file. The in-flight characteristics are really easy to get used to, and once settled-down the aircraft trims easily with only a little throttle or a tiny bit of elevator trim, and there’s no hunting involved. Landings in this file have simply been fun so far, too; I won’t say “easy” as that implies kind of an FsX “flight model on rails” thing, and that’s simply not the case.  And I think it goes back to the aircraft being easy to trim, and so once in the groove even throttling back and dropping flaps on your approach requires only a little anticipation on your part, and beyond that…not much else. Dial in the trim and easy on the throttle, then flare gently about five over stall and prepare to be amazed. Very nice indeed.

I liked this LSGY file too, and it makes an interesting GA stop on your way from Austria (or Munich, or yes, Zurich) to LFLL Lyon, Grenoble, or if heading to northern Spain or Portugal. The 3D figures are a good, even a fun touch, and the airport has a laid-back feel I can relate to, so maybe it’s the kind of place you’ll enjoy coming back to from time to time. If curious, you can get the LSGY file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45862-lsgy-yverdon-les-bains-airfield/&tab=comments

I had to update the Handy Objects Library file to get this one to load correctly, and here’s the link if you’ve not updated recently: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/24261-the-handy-objects-library/

As mentioned, there’ve been other versions of this file, including one in the Gateway, but this file works well in Xp11.25, and framerates were decent.

That’s all for now. We’ll seeya around the campfire – A

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