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Looking for something new to try weekend?

If you enjoy heavy metal air cargo ops, have you considered JustSIM’s EDDP Leipzig-Halle? If not, this is one of the best payware files out there and it’s a major hub for DHL. There are lots of DHL paints out there, too, for everything from the 757 to all kinds of 737s and even small turboprops like the C208 Grand Caravan or Quest Kodiak. Regional destinations will keep you busy for weeks, and there’s even a dedicated GA area if you want to explore the area in your Cessna 172. Berlin is nearby, or…make your way to Hungary and check out the Hungary VFR project in an aircraft like the Baron. Head east to Poland and check out all the wonderful airports via DDs 3 volumes of Polish Airports. If you’re new to Xp, this is a wonderful area to push into new, unfamiliar territory. There’s also a new Halle-VFR file out this week too, for GA/VFR flyers…

Leipzig Halle

This airport file is truly one of the best in Germany, so don’t miss out on this one.


LMML hdr

General aviation opportunities will be less interesting from our next airport, unless you enjoy long over-water excursions. LMML Malta is located in the central Mediterranean, on the island of Malta, and it is the base of operations for Air Malta as well as a major hub for Ryanair; Lufthansa Technik also has a large maintenance facility at the airport. 777-class aircraft can be handled on this airport’s runways.

Malta entered the EU in 2004, but the island group was a significant outpost of the British Empire, and the Royal Navy kept a major base there through WWII. It is today more famous as an offshore banking haven than just about anything else, though many recent motion pictures have been filmed here, including Gladiator, Munich, World War Z, and Captain Phillips. The island also was a staging port for construction of the Suez Canal.

There’s been a few attempts at this airport over the years, including huge project files that covered most of the islands with detailed orthos and added many of the smaller villages. More recently, tdg covered LMML with a new file for the airport, and his version was predictably quite good (and quite extensive, too; see our review here), but today we’re going to look at an even newer version, this new file by prospero246, who is perhaps better known for his numerous Canadian scenery files.

LMML comp 1

In day-to-day use, there’s little difference between the two airports, and while both files feature dense object use, neither is bothered by poor fps.

LMML comp 2

If you checked out our earlier review you’ll have noted that tdg’s version has much more extensive facilities for car parks, as well as a huge containership loading facility in the port area (he includes other urban detail), so on balance, tdg’s file is a little better at conveying the overall area and may well be the better file for day-to-day use. prospero246’s file is quite good, however, and the feel is remarkably different than tdg’s version, so you might check both out and see which version works best for you.

tdg’s file is located here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44654-lmml-malta-international-airport/

…while prospero246’s newer file is here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45472-europe_malta_lmml/


A couple of revisions to LIRJ Elba came out recently; the first included AlpilotX’s Treelines-Farms-Europe file, and the second omitted that file due to conflicts with other airports. Here are a couple of images with the revised Treelines included version:

LIRJ 1.4

Note: tdg made this one in 2014, though we’ve not looked at it yet. qvwnMadness‘ file can be found here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45719-lirj-elba-airport-marina-di-campo/


We pulled our review of Rim & Co’s SAWH after word of inappropriate use of intellectual property (e.g., illegal file & object use) was reported, and we’ve noted that all Rim & Co files have all been pulled by the major stores after legal action was undertaken in the relevant jurisdictions, so we would guess that’s one more development company gone from the scene. Regardless, we wanted to re-post Danita Baire’s SAWH imagery and file information, if only because her work is so good and deserves wider use and recognition. This information was tied to the original Rim & Co post, but no longer. Enjoy, and let her know if you like the file.

SAWH free comp 3

Truly exceptional work, isn’t it?

SAWH free comp 1

You can get her file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/33939-sawh-ushuaia-argentina-malvinas-argentinas-intl/

Thanks for dropping by. We’ll see you again soon – A

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