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This week marked the introduction of the latest Airbus, the A220, even though it is simply a rebranded Canadair CS100, but hopefully the move will spur some enterprising developers to get nice, working versions of these aircraft into X-plane!


Okay, so right off the mark I have to admit that neither of the two airport files we’re looking at today interested me going in, and yet, when it was all over I ended up liking both files immensely. One of them, EDNY, I’ve flown into and out of several times (in X-plane, that is), and the other, LTAI, not once. I’ve used a couple of different files at EDNY before trying aeroSoft’s latest today, and it’s easy to think of this airport as just a little regional facility with little to offer. That’s just wrong, as we’ll see. And while I’ve flown over Turkey a few times (both in X-plane and otherwise) I’ve never been anywhere near Antalya, and we found the landscape around this coastal city both rugged and serene. Once you take a look around the area I think you’ll be impressed enough to try this airport too.

Ready? Let’s dive right in.

EDNY hdr

aeroSoft’s EDNY Bodensee Airport – Friedrichshafen is a comparatively small international airport that packs a real visual punch. Located in far-southern Germany and on the banks of Lake Constance (nee Bodensee), the industrial city of Friedrichshafen, as well as the airport, are of extreme historical importance, having seen the first scheduled zeppelin flights as wells the birth of Lufthansa. The home of Dornier Aircraft is located here as well, and the airport also houses the Dornier Museum, and the museum, as well as a few static aircraft on display, are included in the model.

The real airport is in dire financial straits, with the local airline failing and passenger numbers falling. Yet even so, the list of airlines and destinations shows some fun opportunities here…enough to make this a very useful little file – for both RJs and longer range heavy metal…including flights to LTAI Antalya.

We looked at a recent freeware version of this airport a few weeks ago, and as decent as that file was it in no way competes with aeroSoft’s new file. While it’s not a bad file, this freeware version omits the Zeppelin area, the museum, and even the rail platform across the street from the main terminal entrance. All these items are included in aeroSoft’s version, by the way…with a lot more waiting to be discovered.

Just below, a few images from the freeware version:

EDNY freeware.png

Developers of aeroSoft’s version appear to have gone out of their way to bring the area around the airport into the file, so you’ll find a BMW/Mini-Cooper dealership and all sorts of named businesses that really exist along Flughafenstrasse, and this kind of immersive detail sets the file apart from others I’ve seen recently by aeroSoft. And yeah, I like this level of detail. If it’s really there on the ground it needs to be in the file, and on our screens. That’s what payware is supposed to be all about, and this file succeeds.

EDNY comp 1

Where this file falls apart, once again, is in aeroSoft’s new paradigm of not getting static aircraft on the ramps, and not a lot of ground clutter, too. They’re relying on WT3 and X-Life to get the job done for them, and this is a mistake. At the very least, they ought to offer files with and without static aircraft again.

Night textures are an improvement over recent efforts, but with an airport terminal so small it’s a wonder they didn’t model the interior? Another mistake? I think so, yes.

EDNY comp 2

All the other detail in and around the airport sets this file apart, however, and you end up with skin to “the sum is greater than its parts.” For RJ flights to several European cities, as well as to the Canary Islands and Greece/Turkey, this is a Must Have file. It’s at the aeroSoft and Org stores.


LTAI hdr

They call it the Turkish Riviera.

Fly around here for an hour or so and you’ll understand why.

With terrain that reminds of the Cannes/Nice area, or even Santa Barbara, California, you can see why this is one of the busiest airports not just in Turkey, but in all Europe, too. So, when the snow starts falling in northern climes the heavy metal starts heading south, and a bunch of it heads right here. Why? Well, take a look:

Antalya 1

As these images from wikipedia attest, what you’ll find in Antalya is a cosmopolitan city nestled between a gorgeous coast and several dramatic mountain ranges. You’ll also find an airport that handles more airlines and destinations than many, much more “famous” airports in western Europe.

And here’s a bonus dividend: you can take-off in Cyprus (LCLK) and fly here, then make the short hop to LGHI Chios, then on to tdg’s Athens, and have your day capped off at LGKR Corfu. You’ll spend a few hours immersed in a captivating landscape, punctuated by arrivals at some of the best airports in X-plane.

Still not convinced? Well, take a look at our images, and keep in mind that JustSIM is behind some of the best airport files released over the last year or so.

LTAI comp 1

The view out the front office window is telling here, and note: it only gets better at night. Foliage and grasses are a standout feature here, too.

LTAI comp 2 pitvu

Approaching the area via the coast at night was a real treat, as the city, with the airport beyond, simply begins to mesmerize as you close on the coast. The airport at night is then a real highlight, and though interiors are not modeled the night window textures are varied and uniformly immersive. Indeed, not many airport files in X-plane are as interesting at night.

LTAI comp 3

Ramps are a little dim, and some might want more clutter on the terminal ramp areas, but this is a huge airport as it stands and piling-on even more clutter than there is already might bring things to a standstill, so it looks like a good compromise was reached.

LTAI comp 4

JustSIM’s LTAI is a Must Have file for those wanting a large airport in the eastern Med. With so many non-stops to the most important airports in Europe and Russia, this file ought to get heavy use from most users. It’s at the Org Store right now.

So, again, two very surprising, and surprisingly good airport files, and if these airports fit into your plans, they won’t disappoint. They’re very different, but both were a joy to fly out of. Thanks to the developers for their hard work, and thank you for dropping by; we’ll see you again soon – A

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