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xsr nantes

Kinda wanted to lead off with a few images of FranceVFR’s LFRS Nantes Atlantique today. We reviewed it on release (months ago), but the developer promised delivery of their latest (Aéroport LFMT-Montpellier Méditerranée) for May, now pushed back to the “late June-July” timeframe, and when I received their newsletter this morning it now states release will be “soon” – whatever that means. So, in the spirit of helping things along, I wanted to launch some good karma their way by including a few more images of LFRS. And yes, I’m hopeful we’ll see LFMT soon, as it’s another great facility on the Mediterranean coast (between Marseilles and Barcelona) that will help fill out the area…


This devs LFRS is light-years better than the comparatively ancient files still hanging around from v9, and if flying from Spain to the UK or Ireland/Norway it makes for a great layover. Highly recommended, too.

And out of the blue a really interesting little commercial freeware airport off the NW Italian coast came out today, and this one will be highly recommended if interested in building out your network of Mediterranean airports.

LIRJ hdr

Elba’s history includes, of course, a short stay by a dude named Napoleon, so along with the Rim & Co St Helena Island we now have both places the reformist emperor called home (even in forced exile). His stay on Elba was, however, marked by projects intended to help the people emerge from an almost medieval existence. Anyway…that’s all, as they say, in the past, and this little airport is actually the third busiest in Tuscany (after Pisa and Florence), and most traffic is between, oddly enough, Bern, Switzerland, and Prague, Czech Republic. In fact, Silver Air links Elba with Prague by way of Lugano – using L-410 Turbolet propjets. Bern-based Skywork Airlines has an interesting list of destinations (including LIRJ) that could, in theory, link LIRJ to London City, and in the past used the Do328! And tiny Air Glaciers flies charters to Switzerland from here, as well. Crossair has not flown here, but you know how that goes.

This airport file is just great, and from the moment you hit the ramps you’ll know this one is something special. From people to foliage to peripheral details like gas stations and hot air balloons getting ready to lift off, there’s just a ton of detail to pull you in…

LIRJ comp

There’s detail added on the coastline to help the cause, and do note the tight little valley the airport is located in. Not a lot of room for error, in other words. Flying from here to Lugano in the L-410 ought to be a blast, and using the Saab 340A to hop the Alps to Bern will be a hoot, as well. Get the file here, and give it a try: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45719-lirj-elba-airport-marina-di-campo/


And here’s a small GA airpark located on the north side of Atlanta, Georgia:

5GA4 sect

5GA4 (aka Air Acres Airport) is one of those grass strips located in a residential housing development, but this one has a nice, well developed feel. If you putter around the Atlanta region, or the US southeast, say from the Carolinas down to Florida (Daytona Beach, anyone?!), this could be an interesting addition to your CS folder:


You’ll find the file here, by the way: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45716-5ga4-airstrip-air-acres-atlanta/

Have fun out there this weekend, and if in the US – keep cool! Hasta later – C

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