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Tinkering more and more with this file today, and the deeper you look the more impressive this file becomes.

So, here’s a thought, or maybe a question you might ask yourself? Would you rather have a hyper-detailed payware airport file like this – even though it’s a smaller airport and a little off the road less traveled – or would you rather have a less detailed, more mainstream (i.e., large) metropolitan airport in a “famous” city (think Orly or CDG)?

With aeroSoft announcing a series of smaller RJ airports in Germany, will they take the road Descend2View has taken here? Will they go for hyper-detailed realism, or just scale down their usual files (e.g., no static aircraft, little in the way of appropriate ground clutter)? These will be important questions going forward, because if aeroSoft keeps on churning out less detailed airports – and new developers like Descend2View enter the market with hyper-detailed files at reasonable prices – we could see the likes of aeroSoft fall out of favor…in a hurry. And I doubt we’ll have to wait long for the answer, either. aeroSoft’s new, smaller airport files ought to be coming out soon.

In the meantime, we didn’t go overboard with images in our last post as we wanted to get out a quick “first look” of both LGHI Chios and Short Final’s KLAX, so we thought it might be a good idea to toss out a few more images of Descend2View’s file in case you’re still sitting on the fence about this one.

Okay? Ready?

Detail around the airport is off-the-charts good. Is this irrelevant? No, I don’t think so, as this kind of detail helps induce a little visual chaos, and that’s simply a good training aid, period. There’s a lot going on ‘around’ this airport, too, from car dealers to car rental agencies to gas stations. Businesses, office parks, freight agents, hotels, and even a bunch of houses and restaurants along the waterfront…all these things and more are modeled. And no, they don’t appear to be scenery library objects, but custom. Signage appears to be taken from the real thing, too.

Chios 2.1

Structural details on the main terminal building are almost painfully over-detailed. From the metal truss work to surface textures, the amount of work that has gone into even the smallest detail has got to be seen to be believed. Check out the wood textures on telephone and power poles, then note how street lights are affixed to these wooden poles. It’s almost overwhelming.

Chios 2.2

We mentioned foliage the other day, and the amount and variety included in this file is simply gonzo. Needless to say, most plants and trees appear to be HD, so the effect is just crazy-good:

Chios 2.3 foliage

We didn’t include much in the way of night imagery in our first look around, so let’s get you caught up now. You’ll need to get out and check the interplay of shadows to get a real appreciation of how much work has gone into making this airport work at night…but in the next set of images check out light sources and shadows…

Chios 2.4 night shadows

And in the last image just above note the complex network of steps and ramps. Now…check out the shadows on the sidewalks…and the many areas of interplay between these shadows. And sidewalk textures…some tile, others marble.

All these elements come together to create one of the most immersive small airports in X-plane. Taxi up to the apron at night and the effect is almost surreal, because the effects are layered so well, and are so convincingly executed it’s quite easy to forget you’re in a desktop simulator.

Chios Night panels

Anyway, enough of this. If you’re serious about X-plane this is a Must Have file. I think other developers will buy this one and study it, too. Yes, it’s that good.

Again, the file is at the Threshold Store, and it’s popping up at other outlets now, too. Oh, there’s enough runway for the IXEG 733 here, in case you were wondering, and it’s a nice, short flight over to Athens.

Later – A

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