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xsr mv hdr

A quick look at a couple of new files today: Orbx’s Monument Valley is sure to impress with it’s stunning visuals AND simple utility, while tdg’s LOWK might cause a few more payware developers to scratch their heads and wonder what comes next. Lets dive right in and take a look…


If you’re of a certain age you grew up with westerns on TV and in theaters, and if you went to movies much back in the 1950s and 60s you invariably ended up seeing more than your fair share of John Wayne westerns. One of the best of the lot was a film called The Searchers, a film as topically relevant today as it was almost seventy years ago, but what struck a lot of movie-goers back in the day was the stunning beauty of the many shooting locations used as backdrops. You can watch documentaries about the making of the film on DVD and you might marvel at the primitive conditions the filmmakers endured to bring this story to life, but one of the results of this film’s popularity was the explosive growth of tourism in Monument Valley.

the searchers

If you’re like a lot of users in X-plane that enjoy flying around the American west, Monument Valley was probably one of the first places you checked out when you started exploring all the new landscapes available to you, and if so you were probably unimpressed with Xp’s rendering of the region. Even in v11.21 it’s not much to look at:

Mvalley default

Which is why Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini’s latest landscape package is such a welcome addition to the X-plane universe. This is the same team that brought us the Dolomite and Matterhorn Park packages, and with Orbx as a partner they have a bulletproof download and installation paradigm in place, even for Mac users.

And the results speak for themselves. This is a total MUST HAVE addition for anyone interested in GA flying in and around the American southwest, and there are four helipads included in the package as well, so with the included UT25 general aviation airport onboard you’ll have options galore to utilize this area in all your travels in the region.

Mvalley 1

Recall the KSAF Santa Fe, New Mexico file we looked at in the last couple of posts? Well, try flying from there to KGCN Grand Canyon – and stop off here along the way. May we recommend taking Alabeo’s Waco on that flight, too?

MV comp waco

You can pick this file up at the Orbx Store for around 25 Aussie buckeroos. Our guess is you won’t regret it, especially after you find a few easter eggs down there in the rocks.


tdg has been going after a few files that payware developers have already covered recently (and more than a few freeware developers, too) so it was interesting to note his latest is LOWK Klagenfurt. JustSIM has a “revised for Xp11” version of this airport out at the Org Store (usually 16USD, on sale this week for about 12), and Xp-Austria has one too (which we covered last year), but we thought we’d post some comparison shots using JustSIM’s file alongside tdg’s latest…


JustSIM’s control tower is accurate, tdg’s is generic scenery library. JustSIM’s main terminal is very accurate, but tdg’s isn’t that far off the mark…


…while tdg simply wins the night. Yes, his file is simply more interesting at night, and it’s close enough to payware quality to really make you wonder…what can payware developers do to remain competitive – besides hope he’d just go away, maybe take up knitting…

Food for thought, I guess.


We’ll see you next time. Happy trails – A

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