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xsr 319

It looks like Orbx will handle the Monument Valley release – if and when. Details here. Funny, but maybe the re-association will improve the download experience of these huge files. I tried to get the Dolomite file to work, but the download scheme used just isn’t Mac friendly. Too, I don’t know how big that file will end up being when decompressed, but it looked like in the 160-200Gb range, or a large percentage of my SSD. I’m not sure I’d be willing to dedicate so much storage to one file – even if I could get it to work. Still, the Dolomite file left a sour taste – again. Another hundred bucks down the drain because more and more developers just can’t get their files truly Mac compatible. No refund policies make this reality troublesome, as just how many times do they think Mac users will take this before they drop X-plane altogether?


A new file from xpfr is always cause for celebration, and this update to LFLG Grenoble is more than welcome. This airport puts you right on the doorstep of the French Alps and, as it’s a dedicated GA field, you’ll have a good base of operations to explore a wide range of interesting destinations around central Europe.

Try these routes to get a good idea of what’s possible from here:

  1. LFLG to the Zurich area by way of Geneva
  2. LFLG to Marseilles or Nice by way of Lyon
  3. LFLG to Paris, then work up the coast to Amsterdam and beyond
  4. LFLG to Bilbao, Spain, skirting the edge of the Pyrenees

You just need to consider that working south (or SE/SW) from here you’ll run right into high mountain terrain, so almost always your first leg will be north towards LFLL Lyon, then find your next VOR and have fun.


You’ll find the file at xpfr here: http://www.xpfr.org/?body=scene_accueil&sc=338

If you consider that 70% of Xp users are GA flyers that only use default aircraft, maybe developing freeware scenery files for GA pilots isn’t such a bad idea. Still, it’s a tough way to make a living.


And here’s N72 Warwick, New York, another freeware GA airport file located about 30 miles north of the New York City/Teterboro, NJ area, with nicely done foliage and paved surface textures. Location is everything with this file, too:

N72 chart

Hook into the Long Island/Block Island/Nantucket/Plum Island/Minute Man route we covered last year for an afternoon full of fun.


Taxiways are a little tight, but hey, give it a try. Get it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45513-n72-warwick-municipal/

319 hdr

The primary aim of this v1.1 update seems to have been an upgrade to the A319s cockpit textures and lighting, but a large number of tweaks to the FMS were made too, and a few bugs quashed. Let’s look at the visual elements first:

Gone is the blue-green color found in the v1 cockpit, replaced now by a very light gray color-scheme. It may look light blue here, but turn out the lights and things turn brownish gray in a hurry, and the new ‘pit resembles the JarDesigns A320 in color, (especially on the overhead panel) as you’ll see in the sequence below:

319 comp

Colors on the panel range from dark gray to brown, depending on whether dome lighting is added, or the integrated panel lighting controls are added to the mix. The ability to adjust light intensity seems better in this update, too.

Here’s the official change-log, which includes the rest of the tweaks:

Major features:
– Major cockpit texture rework: Color, reflectiveness, ND brightness knob tick mark, and many other small details
– ECAM rework: Logic for display of LDG and TO Memos more like real life + upon display of a fault the associated system page is automatically displayed.
– Implementation of a fault injection interface allowing to choose from about 90 system failures to be injected either at a specific point in time or randomly.
– Alternate and Direct Law for the FBW system
– Complete custom sounds from TSS for the CFM engine.
Minor new features:
– TO performance calculator now considers runway shift entered in MCDU.
– Added support for “per engine” command to hold reversers at MAX
– Complete rework of the Target Speed/Mach as function of CI – speeds are now wind dependent.
– Prepared the interface for Smartcopilot files
– Added DEST and T/D / STEP altitude information to CRZ PERF page
– Adjusted engine spool up behaviour from idle and added distinction between ground/flight idle and approach idle.
– Pressing the FPLN button while on the flight plan page brings the flight plan scrolling back to the FROM waypoint.
Bug fixes:
– Fixed nosewheel steering at high speed when nosewheel tiller is assigned.
– MCDU Perf Approach page now allows entering DH and MDA independent of the selected approach.
– Fixed a flight path computation bug when a CI leg follows an AF leg
– Fixed the issue with PRDAT lines in the CIFP files splitting the approaches in two.
– Fixed a FMGS Flight path computation issue for almost 180deg direction changes with many subsequent waypoints.
– Fixed a FMGS vertical path issue if the destination airport elevation and the transition alt are within 2000ft of each other.
– Fixed bug on wind page that the enter-data brackets appeared in last line when 5 wind speed/altitudes had been entered.
– Changed criteria to enter GO AROUND phase to allow switching back to APPR phase when lateral AP mode GA TRK is still active.
– Corrected tick marks on the N1 arc for the CFM engine.
– Fixed root cause of sound player bug posting error messages in log.
– Improved ND masking for mode ROSE.
– Fixed display area of Terrain on ND feature.
– Fixed FD flag behaviour when outside the envelope, but FDs are in principle available
– Fixed behaviour of CSTR overlay button. (Removes all other overlays)
– Allow transition to managed speed when in final approach with FD and AP OFF
– Fixed a bug with the sounds that prevented continuous warnings (e.g. GPWS) to stop playing when sim is paused.
– Fixed the behaviour of the TO Config pushbutton and the two MCDU CLR pushbuttons. (These can now be held.)
– Automatic deletion of cruise altitude constraints when importing XP10 format fms flight plans.
No noticeable change to the flight model; it’s still a nice, solid, dependable file.
By way of comparison, here’s an image of the current FF A320 panel:
The updated Toliss A319 is available from the Org store, right here: http://store.x-plane.org/ToLiss-319_p_762.html#tab-1
All told, the Toliss A319 remains the “go-to” Airbus file for many people. The Flight Factor’s panel is better looking and the systems are deeper, but the Toliss 319 seems to hit the “sweet spot” between complexity and ease of use, making it an easier aircraft to fly.
A319 end
Still, if it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going! I’ll take my IXEG 733 every time if I’m flying on my own dime…but if I need an Airbus for a review it’s usually this 319.
Anyway, happy trails, y’all. We’ll sea you next time, unless we see you first – C
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