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xsr ybrm hdr

Well…THAT was different.

If Orbx’s aim is to get the audience in X-plane totally confused, they’ve achieved at least that much now. First Chicago, then the British Midlands…and now…the ass-end of nowhere (e.g., Northwestern Australia) – and a small airport that serves a community of 16,000. Tourism is the big thing out there, and approximately 30,000 people a year visit the area in order to swat mosquitoes and broil in the tropics. I suppose the crocodiles are quite friendly, and all the snakes are tame.

I’m sure it’s lovely.

So…the airport Orbx has created here will remind some of you a little of a Cami de Bellis file – only on steroids. The end result is almost cute, and taken as a whole the airport and surrounding town are as immersive as anything you’ve seen in Xp before. So, the Custer Gateway file now has some serious competition in one regard: the town is almost as completely modeled as the airport, though not quite as nicely as you found in the Custer file. There’s no interior modeling at the terminal (such as it is) and the lighting at night soldiers on with Orbx’s proprietary light-sources, yet the net result is something more than a little interesting: what we have is a hyper-detailed file that gets really good framerates.

This post is just a first look, and yes, we’ll follow-through with a few more stats and impressions as soon as we’ve had time to look this one over thoroughly, but first impressions do count. Look over the images below, then we’ll talk about ours.


A little night music…?


So. First impressions?

Mine was the Cami de Bellis thing; when the EADT x737/7 opened at Gate 1 I thought I was looking out at a Cami file. Then I started to look around more…and the first word that came to mind was…orange. Orange, as in dirt. And…that ought to pull you in, because the “ortho” is fantastic around the airport (notice the dirt and grass by the shadow in the takeoff image, above). Ramps, taxiways, and runway textures are beyond excellent…then move out into the parking lot and check out those surfaces. Move around the town, out to the point, to the loading dock and even into the mangroves.

It’s just impressive work. I say so as after a few minutes it was easy to forget I was in X-plane. You begin to think every where you turn you’re inside a 360º VR photo, and I’m sorry, but you don’t run across files like this very often.

So…what can you do with this file?

Load up the 737 of your choice and fly to Perth, Sydney, or Melbourne. Or…why not out to Ayers Rock/Connellan? That’ll be my first flight out of here, and who knows…maybe the Saab 340 will get a workout this weekend…?

The quick verdict?

This is a 10/10, and another Must Have file from Orbx. We’ll have more in a day or so – C

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