x+s+r // seen around eddt

xsr eddt hdr.png

So…we were wandering around the ramps at aeroSoft’s EDDT Berlin Tegel today, and we came upon a few interesting comings and goings…

If you haven’t poked around inside Laminar’s MD82 in a while, maybe you should. SSG’s E-jets both came in for a facelift, including panel lighting and a lot of behind the scenes tweaks…


Here’s SSG’s changelog:

– LNAV at 200 and VNAV at 400ft
– Improved Autoland and follow localizer
– Now it is possible to select FMS without Route
– New CDU and ND popup Windows
– Fixed bug about fuel remaining at descent page
– UTC was not properly computed at NAV Ident PAGE
– VASEL is not shown as armed when VNAV Active
– Throttle can be managed when landing
– Enter temperature on digit at TRS PAGE
– Fuel Prediction improved
– Correct number Page At RTE Page
– Waypoint Altitude restriction respected without extreme vertical speed
  added LIM and OVRD A/P feature
– Fixed  AP sound  when landing
– Fixed  glass rain graphic glicth  when on the ground
– Tuned landing gear
– Tuned steering time
– Added T.O. Config ok sound
– Fixed auto-gate not working in XP 11.xx
– Default ground vehicle configuration fixes
– Better cockpit night lighting.

Subtle lighting change, but it’s there.

Once upon a time a Dornier 328 came out, like in v9…maybe? Well, the same freeware developer (MG) made some tweaks to the acf to bring it into Xp11 compliance, and here’s what she looks like now:

EDDT Do328

This project has always been on the fringe of greatness…yet the cockpit textures appear to lack texture baking and that keeps it in the freeware category. Not a bad file, and recommended if you want to tinker in an easy, fun to fly turboprop. The file is located here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43052-mg-dornier-do-328/

A new VFR City file came out today, this time for City of Brandenburg/Saale, located SW of Berlin, Germany. In fact, depart EDDT on a heading of 252º and putter along for about 29 nmi and you’ll be there.

EDDT Brandenburg

And…you’ll find the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45169-brandenburg-vfr/

Y’all have a good weekend – A

EDDT end

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