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Curious day.

FranceVFR’s self imposed deadline to release their new file in the South of France – in May – came and went, and all mention of the file is now gone from their site, too. Waiting for Las Vegas, perhaps? UK2000 released their new EGPH Edinburgh a day early, and from the looks of it they should have kept working on it a few more weeks. Then, out of the blue a new dev pops a GA airport in Britain, and it ain’t bad.

And then, unannounced anywhere, JustSim released a revised UUWW Moscow Vnukovo…


With their v1.0 release notes, JustSim promised they’d add auto-gate support, and now, just a few weeks post release here it is. A few light features were corrected, a misplaced poly too.

Assuming Orbx releases perfect files that need no updating, I’d assume the scenery file wars will be won be those developers that identify problem areas soon after release and fix them ASAP. Unlike a bunch of devs that churn out “abandonware,” or worse…payware files no better than decent freeware.

Which leads to this interesting file…

EGPH hdr

Coming into a new airport, there’s nothing quite so interesting as seeing a lot of buildings defying gravity, and UK2000s new EGPH Edinburgh has a lot of interesting features just like this small radio building near the end of the runway (below). I could see floating warehouses in the background, too, so I quit Xp and made sure all remnants of tdg’s EGPH were gone (they were) and that the scenery packs ini file was squared away (it was), then I reopened the file and changed runway follows terrain contours to OFF and re-loaded the file.

No change. And no, no Global Airports on hand (mine resides in the trash) to muck things up. This file simply appears to be a stinker.

EGPH smooth sailing

But wait, there are more goodies waiting for you here, like the van below…apparently in quicksand. And do note the nice black windows too.

EGPH van

So, UK2000 continues their dark night textures and smeary ortho parking lot tour, but at least this time they included static aircraft (note: if you open the file with contours off, by the way, the static aircraft float about 20 feet above the apron). Both sides of the terminal building are almost totally dark, which might explain why there are not many revealing night images on the EGPH sales page.

EGPH dark entry

Want ground clutter? Lots of animated traffic on the ramps? Well, not here, but how ’bout an American Airlines CRJ for that extra added touch of realism?

EGPH BM ramps

Even the airport hotel is dark (below, right), and let’s face it, these ramps are DARK, too. Dark ramps make such a nice, safe work environment, ya know? Always so realistic.

EGPH BMramp 2

You will find some ground clutter – over by the cargo ramps. But without the JarDesigns GHE package there’s not much going on over there, either.

EGPH cargo

There ARE four lighted windows in the pax terminal, and they’re visible in this shot from the cargo apron below. Four. Windows. Lighted. Same blue texture UK2000 always uses, too.

Yowza. That’s just classic.

EGPH cargo 4windows

Now, after reloading tdg’s file let’s take a quick peek around. No problem with cars in the parking lots, or lights in the windows, or clutter on the ramps, or a lighted airport hotel…

Need I go on?

egph tdg

I feel a little put out this time, as all these little issues have plagued UK2000s files at one time or another and it just feels like this team either doesn’t care or they’re unwilling to learn from previous missteps. About all I can add is simply this: if you’re in the business of making payware scenery files you ought to do your homework. You ought to be able to produce a file that makes the best freeware file look a shambles in comparison to your work, too. If you can’t, I’m not sure what you hope to accomplish in this business.

So anyway, I kind of had a feeling if I bought this one I was going to get burned again. Guess what? I finally learned from past mistakes. Never. Again.

And the really bad part?

This file costs more than JustSims UUWW file.



EGKA + Shoreham – Brighton City Airport by NKDesign

Checking the Org this afternoon I ran across this one and thought “why not?” – and I’m kind of glad I did. After EGPH I had a bad taste in my mouth and was ready for something interesting, and this new development team delivered.

Brighton is located about 50 miles south of London – on the Channel, of course – and this little airport is up to it’s eyeballs in History (just read the wikipedia entry for a taste), and the art deco terminal building is justly famous, too. Oh, here’s the interior, though this isn’t in the model:

EGKA int

You can see more images of the terminal at the airport’s official site, and you’ll find that the devs did a decent job here. Not perfect, but not bad for a first effort.

One weird item: the trees. Up close they look great; with increasing distance there’s a white fringe that makes them look almost snow covered.

EGKA 1.png

Love that the devs included the West Coastway railway line, as well as the WWII memorial seen below – and yes, it’s legible. Bravo!


The Hummingbird Restaurant’s dining terrace is modeled, a nice touch.

Below, a neat trick. Open inside the hanger and the door is closed; flip the mains (red switch in Cessna models) and the doors snap open. Plenty of room in here for medium twins, but I’d say a King Air will be too big (MU-2, anyone?)


If you want to increase your GA flying options in southern Britain this is a nice addition. Cross channel to France, Benelux, or even Dutch/German airfields are all doable from here, too.

Fun, nicely detailed, and a decent price all make this one a Must Have file.

Have a nice weekend – A

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