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So, a little something different today, inspired by the chance appearance of a new KEGE Eagle Colorado that popped today in new freeware at the Org.

Well, let’s assume you’ve heard of Vail, Colorado. Big ski area, lots of big runs, big enough for the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships to have been held there recently. Big money there too. Until recently if you drove by the airport you could see Trump’s gorgeous 757 ramped there. Former president Gerald Ford lived at Vail most of the time, too, so this airport is used to VIP arrivals and departures.

There is no airport in Vail proper, so nearby KEHE Eagle handles the chores. All of the major carriers operate here, and the biz jet ramps are almost as busy as Aspen’s. 757s are the largest ac I’ve seen operating here, while 737s and MD80s are the norm. The airport is busy year round, too, with modest lulls in spring and fall, and summer is as busy as winter. You can find the file for Xp11 here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45052-kege-eagle-county-regional-vail-co/

Aside from the usual stuff, KEGE is at the eastern terminus of Glenwood Canyon, and the image up above is from the canyon. Interstate highway 70 runs along the north side of the airport (about a half mile away, really), and after taking off from the Eagle make a hard left turn, then another left over the highway – and proceed west a few hundred feel AGL. Do NOT be tempted to try this run in an F4 or similar aircraft; rather, you’ll be doing good to handle anything faster than 80-90 kias once in the canyon…but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…

Here’s the latest version of KEGE (below), with an overview in the first image, following an AAL MD80 in the Da-62, then lining up for takeoff…


All in all, this new file is decent enough. I drove by last year and all the buildings are shades of tan/gray and slate-brown now, but in the overall details this is not a bad effort.

Anyway, pick and acf that cruises around 80-100kias (the C172 is ideal), takeoff and head west down Interstate 70…

Yes, the highway really is split level, often cantilevered out over the river. And yes, that’s the Colorado River, quite near the headwaters so not very big here – except during the spring thaw/runoff, then it’s a raging nightmare. On the opposite bank of the river is the old Rio Grande Railway main line to Salt Lake City, and this is the line the California Zephyr used. Vista-dome railway cars manufactured by Budd made this line famous, by the way, and Amtrak’s California Zephyr still uses this same trackage, with semi-modern cars taking the place of the older Budd cars.


At the end of the canyon you’ll come to Glenwood Springs, Colorado (the TB sanitarium where Doc Holliday spent his last days with Wyatt Earp is located here), and here you’ll make another hard left turn and follow Colorado Highway 82 to the S/SSE – for about 40 nmi, at which point you’ll dead end into KASE…


You’ll fly over a little airport when leaving Glenwood Springs (there used to be a file for it too, back in v9…), and note the new aerial refueling tankers at Aspen! Again, just follow the divided highway all the way to KASE, and don’t get lost when you pass through the 2-3 small towns along the way!

It’ll take you more than an hour and a half to make this flight, and you may be quite tired after. This is a fun way to use that new KASE file, too, so give it a try.

Happy trails – A

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