x+s+r // edlp + quick-takes

Major update to the FF752 so run your updater. EDDH is on sale at the Org – which is usually a pretty good indicator that a major revision is about to release. Just Sim’s EDDC Dresden is on sale too, so maybe a good time to pick up these two.

Pfeffer has been busy lately too, cranking out a new EDLP as well as revising his EDDV Hannover. EDLP Paderborn is new, however, and man-o-man is this a sweet file. Custom buildings, good textures, unexpected architectural elements, extraordinary rock-wall features, and particularly good ramp and apron markings. Lots of winter charters from here but LH regularly flies to EDDF and EDDM. Modified from aeroSOFT’s gateway airport, this is as good as freeware gets, so don’t pass this one by.


Pfeffer’s EDDV Hannover came in for an update too, and when I opened up here this is what I found: the stairs and a catering truck did NOT come from the JarDesigns GHE package. All I can say is “it’s about time!” This airport is closing in on payware quality too, so get it onboard if you haven’t already.


LEMG Malaga came in for some work and this one is getting good too. Note: BA flies to London City from here, and Delta to JFK; the list of carriers and destinations is surprisingly long. Nice update, well worth the download.


Oh…a lot of these images were taken with the Toliss A319 sporting a new cockpit texture set. It’s much lighter and less blue-green, and here are two more to consider. Installation is simple, but back-up your originals.


WMKK Kuala Lumpur v1 is worth adding to your Asian files, and there are so many gates and terminals here it’s astonishing. Lots of cargo ramps, too.


Night textures a little on the simple side, but the airport works well and looks good in daylight. Below, ramps are busy…and well detailed.


KSQL San Carlos may not sound all that interesting but look over the image immediately below. Follow the runway to the buildings off in the distance under the hill; that’s KSFO. Off to the right, that’s downtown San Francisco. “Behind the photographer” you’d come to Palo Alto in a couple of miles, and San Jose in about 30 miles. NOW does this look a little more interesting? No? Well, KHAF Half Moon Bay is a couple of miles west of here, and if you’re still not interested perhaps you should take up knitting…


Never heard of the Gold Coast? That’s Melbourne, Oz to you blokes up north, and this is one city file you don’t want to miss.  Catch this hot & fresh revision while it’s still on the racks.

Gold Coast

And we’ll wrap up this post with Cami De Bellis’ latest, NGTU + Butaritari Atoll, the fourth in her Kiribati series. Her lush tropical airports have consistently been some of the most colorfully accurate in X-plane, and her latest work is no exception. She remains a priceless asset to the X-plane community.


What sets this work apart is X-plane’s auto-gen housing (i.e., Rancho Cucamonga Estates housing) is nowhere to be found. Instead, you’ll find thatched-roof houses and cinder-block commercial buildings, and all of it accurately placed on a nicely detailed ortho.

We’ll see you next time, and thanks for dropping by – A

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