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xsr paint hdr main

A Braniff 722 at UUWW? Fat chance. But fun. Relying on VOR navigation in western Russia is kind of fun, too. Like getting a root canal is fun.

So, a couple of freeware scenery files to look at, but first…

Paint KDK hdr

Painters are the unsung heroes of X-plane. Masters of (usually) Photoshop, they turn the blank canvas of an aircraft file’s paint kit into, literally, works of art, and in the process tailoring all our various aircraft purchases to fit our personal needs and expectations. It’s a tall order, too, because many of the paints you see out there in the real world are often incredibly difficult to recreate in Photoshop, especially when you consider that painters often have nothing more to work from other than a few blurry pictures plucked from the web. And then, consider this: while you probably have your favorite aircraft and airport developers, chances are you’d be hard pressed to name more than one livery painter – if even that.

We’ve tried to point out great painters from time to time here at x+s+r (remember our series on audiotracker, back in the day?), and so, in that spirit we’d like to resume posting collections from serious, and seriously good, painters quietly toiling away in Xp. Our first such choice, of K D Koronakis, might seem obvious to some of you – especially if you own one or more aircraft files made by SSG.

Koronakis has painted almost every E-jet and 748 file out there, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better painter in X-plane, so let’s take a look at some of his work today, starting with the SSG 748 – freighter first, then the passenger variant – and this first set imaged at UUWW.

K paint 748

Next, a mix of aircraft, including the SSG E-170, the FJS 722, and the Saab 340a:

Paint 170

That E-170 is the only Ellinair paint I can find; we need this airline for the A319 and FFA320, too. And now, let’s wind this up with a little bit of classic Boeing:

paint 722

You owe it to yourself to browse through Koronakis’ 18 pages of work over at the Org. Yes, that’s 18 pages. Most newer works are still valid, though I did find a few older files for the 757 series that no longer work, and of course older files may not work as advertised with HDR/PBR rendering.

And…many thanks to KDK for all he’s given the community. Where would we be without you?


Sorry for the moody blue sky, but for some reason whenever I think of South Dakota images of howling blizzards spring to mind. Not far from Sioux Falls you’ll run across a couple of movie sets used in the film Dances With Wolves, so picture – in your mind’e eye – flat prairie and howling blizzards. That IS Sioux Falls in winter. In summer…well, it’s just hot as hell. Cattle seem to enjoy the area, however.

And for some reason, back in the late 90s a bunch of computer companies located assembly plants out there, too (cheap labor, anyone?), and the city experienced a kind of mini-renaissance, with exploding real estate values and little colleges springing up in every corner storefront. Of course…the airport expanded and then the bottom fell out in the so-called dot.com bust. South Dakota has no state income tax and after the bust small manufacturing companies, banks and credit card companies moved in, scooped up developed properties on the cheap and refocused the boom; the city has been rocking and rolling ever since.

And KFSD Joe Foss Field has grown into a busy little airport, with the big three carriers working out of here – and not just their little Rj subsidiaries, either. KMSP is the #1 destination, followed by Denver, O’Hare, DFW, and Elvisville (aka Las Vegas); here’s the list.


In size, not to mention climate range, this little airport is similar to the payware Idaho Falls, ID file. The difference in quality, of course, is massive, yet the simple truth is that Lego-brick freeware files like this one have a role to play. At 15-25 payware files released per year, there are just too many airports needing coverage and such needs will always remain unmet, for the most part, and for years. I think it’s important for payware developers to not get discouraged by the vibrant freeware community in the X-plane community, too. Better to work on your market research and identify those airports that the community has expressed a strong desire for and focus your efforts there Need ideas? Just ask.

This KFSD file is located here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44532-kfsd-joe-foss-field-sioux-falls-regional/

For freeware this is a very well done file, and more than a little useful. 9/10


A sweet little grass airstrip in the south of Holland rounds out our post today. This info is from the developer’s post: This is a simple, custom rebuilt rendition of the relatively unknown (private / agricultural ) airfield Numansdorp (EHND unofficial) in The Netherlands. Numansdorp airstrip is a private airfield kind of in between the cities of Rotterdam and Dordrecht. For years, this airstrip was mainly used for cropdusting, but since those cropdusting operations stopped in the Netherlands, this airfield is used for private flights and agricultural events. The site is home to the owner and his agricultural business and flights appear to be rare. More often the field is used to winch paragliders.


The red interior for the Da-62 was released last week, as well.

EHND: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/23105-ehnd-numansdorp/

Happy flying, and we’ll see you soon – A


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