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xsr leap

And yes, there appear to be indications the patient isn’t gone quite yet.

Reported over on Threshold this morning, news that JustSim has released UUWW Vnukovo for P3D today (boo, hiss), but that the version for Xp11 is right around the corner (cheers, confetti, champagne corks popping). If you’ve been reading along here for more than a few months you’ll recall a bunch of freeware airports we covered around Moscow a few months back, and one of those was UUWW. Well, well, well, when I wrote this was one of the better freeware files I’d seen – but wouldn’t it be great if… – is about to come to pass. Andrei Bakanov, the head-honcho over at Just Sim, posted dozens of images of the Xp variant and I picked out a couple to post here – just by way of priming the pump, so to speak, because this is going to be a serious contender for payware file of the year honors. In other words, this file looks flat-out gorgeous. From ramps to towers, from day…


…to night. In fact, the two images below could to be used in a master-class on how to make night textures.


There’s a real sense of depth here, and the brightness is just perfect, though it looks like colors have been desaturated a little bit in Ps. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until this swan is released, so we can peer deeper inside and see if this beauty is more than just skin deep.

But yeah, suddenly I see lots of flights to Moscow in our future.


So, there are all kinds of tweaks out this weekend for turning your default 738 into a scimitar & LEAP equipped near-MAX, and this Austrian paint looks pretty good all dressed up. We loaded her up at UK2000s EGBB Birmingham to see if the installation was good to go, then decided to run over to a new Lego-bricked EDDM, to see what that looks like.


Aside from me almost mowing the grass on touchdown, this latest EDDM will get the job done with minimal impact on performance (scenery library objects), and it’s still a big, sprawling airport in this version. Details? Absent. No static aircraft, very little ground clutter, roadways are a little disappointing, too. There’s work to be done to finish this one out, yet we hope the developer keeps trying. We’ll keep you posted.

The Lego-brick EDDM file is right here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44500-eddm-2018/



KCRW charleston W Va, aka Charlie West, is named in honor of WWII ace P51 driver Chuck Yeager, a local boy with all the right stuff. The airport, located on a bluff overlooking the city below, has a stinker of an approach – and an accident history to prove it. The big three legacy carriers all work out of this airport, flying to their east coast and Midwest hubs, and the file looks great in TerraMAXX, especially that oddly familiar yellow control tower:


…but, hey, looky there! That scenery library control tower was used in a payware airport file, but then again, so were the cars (and for the uninitiated, that’s verboten). The last two images are from xpscenerybuilders KDET, still on the market over at the Org. Reading over a few forum posts regarding this developer, I could not find one satisfied customer but lots of complaints about freeware quality posing as payware. Sheesh, they should have read our warnings – posted almost four months ago. Ya know, trash is trash, and no matter how you much cologne you throw on it, trash always stinks.

Get the KCRW file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44513-kcrw-charleston-yeager-west-virginia/


Here’s a cute little GA airfield in NE Italy, and, well, once I loaded her up I looked around – then took off for Venice…!


And Venice isn’t far away…like fifty miles or thereabouts, and I have never flown into this airport, even after loading one of TDGs airports here. AlpilotX’s v4 mesh used, and the roads look good. Venice? Hah! Dreadful…though TDGs airport holds its own.

Get the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44498-lipn-verona-boscomantico/


There’ve always been a few versions of this airport in Xp, and this one isn’t bad. Looks like the shell of the main terminal from EICK Cork has been used here, however. Sigh. Unattributed? Who knows these days.


Useful little airport, and Bangkok is only about 400nmi to the NNE. The built up areas around the airport could use some work, the ramps are not cluttered, and maybe some more lighting in the parking lots. Overall, not bad work.

Get the file here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44496-vtsp-phuket-airport/

We’ll seeya next time. Thanks for dropping by – A


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