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xsr epkk hdr

I have to state right up front that I’m from Texas, not Poland, so when I say that many of the best airports in X-plane right now are located in Poland you won’t wonder about some kind of obscure bias. Still, the fact of the matter is simple enough: DDs Warsaw Chopin, and Fly Design’s two Polish airport files (EPKK and EPSY) are easily three of the very best files in X-plane. When you add DDs three volume Polish Airports set to this lineup, you end up with an almost unbeatable, high-quality network of airports in a country almost half the size of Texas. It’s impressive, it’s fun, and when included with the already great airport files in Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, this may well represent the single  most highly developed region in X-plane. When I fly in Xp these days, I rarely fly in the US, and nine times out of ten I’ll start at LSZH and end up at either EPWA or EPSY, and I’ll hit two or three other favorites in a 3-4 hour circuit with 2-3 other stops. With über high quality airport files at each stop, we’ve never had it so good in X-plane.

So, when I saw that Fly Design’s EPKK John Paul II had been revised I got the file onboard before I even bothered to read the change-log. Excited? Yes! Why? Because this little team is fast becoming one of the very best developers of small airports in Xp. And now…they’re branching out, porting their work to P3D!

Oh, the irony.

EPKK hdr

We first looked at this airport in early March (here) and pointed out a couple of flaws; not m much to say other than these appear to have been tackled. In this revision, there are a few new additions to the scenery – and here’s the change-log:

1. New hotel behind the terminal;
2. New multi-level car park with railway station;
3. Several other small buildings;
4. New Apron and runway HD pavements with amazing reflection;
5. New grass;
6. Performance improved;
7. Photo-scenery added.
Okay, let’s look at a few of these new additions: In the first image (below) you can see the train station (2 platforms) on the left, the new Hilton Garden Inn (center) and a few new commercial trucks (yellow, right), including a nice blue Mini-Cooper (mine is gray & black); more of the same in images 2 & 3; images 4-6 are from the outer RJ ramps.
EPKK comp 0d
Below, an overview, and if you compare to our earlier post you’ll see a variety a new, smaller buildings on the far right and far left. There’s more ramp detail (clutter) and ramp textures were already excellent, and now they’re improved with reflective surfaces.

EPKK comp d1

The ramps at night are insanely good, with great lighting, excellent concrete textures and painted markings on the aprons, and most of the ramp clutter is lighted, while some is animated. The result? An almost perfect airport, and very immersive.

EPKK nComp 2

If there’s one thing I’m still not wild about, its the night window textures on the main terminal, on the side overlooking the main ramps. From a distance these features are unobtrusive, while up close they’re a little on the wild side.

Below, military elements at the airport.

EPKK mil

Most of the car parks are made up of ortho imagery, and by now you know how we feel about those features. Still, the framerates at this airport are challenge enough without adding acres and acres of cars/objects. What we’ve been advocating is that only those car parks that are directly observable from the cockpit should be filled-out with objects, and below we can see one such area. The red arrows point to this particular parking lot, and we think adding cars here would be a nice improvement. Adding trains to the station platforms? Sure, if only because it’s hard to tell the station is even there.

EPKK issues

Taxiing out to Rwy 7 there’s plenty to see, including the tower, the military ramps, and a construction project. Lighting and signage is perfect, the construction project very well done.

EPKK 319 ncomp

All-in-all, this v1.2 update is a nice improvement, even though the original file was outstanding. It’s nice to see the developers taking the time to make these improvement; we only wish more developers were as conscientious.

When all is said and done, this is a perfect 10, a Must Have file for ops in eastern and central Europe, and our thanks to the developers for getting this revision to market so quickly. You can buy this file at the developer’s site or through the Org store (it’s less than 20 buckeroos). It’s a truly great file.

As always, thanks for dropping by, and we’ll see you next time – A

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