x+s+r // eddk v3 + lgza + lesa

xsr eddkv3 hdr

Quietly slipping on and off the modified resources page at the Org last Sunday, EDDK Köln-Bonn came out over the weekend – yet I saw not a peep from the usual news outlets. Odd…as just a few months ago this release was kind of a big deal.

Well, guess what? Cedric Gauche’s EDDK v3 is still a big deal. This team has been on track to produce one of the best freeware files in X-plane for a while, and their latest results are simply GREAT. Textures are clean, and window textures on the main terminal building at night are a spectacular improvement, but that’s not all this team has in store for you…

EDDK hdr

First up, complete TerraMAXX integration. You have to do NOTHING to get this compatibility; no file swapping, no plug-ins. Just hit winter in TerraMAXX and the two files get to work. Still, that’s not all, so let’s take a look at the change log:

– Terramax seasons

– New day and night textures for many buildings

– New vegetation and trees

– New buildings (Fedex terminal 2, P1 & P2)

– Better peformance

– Ortho for airport and surroundings (ZL20) with snow textures for Terramax

– Custom mesh with sloped run- and taxiways

– 2018 ground layout Delta Apron

– 3 static 767F Star Air aircrafts

– Documentation in English and German

– Configuration options for visuals, performance and or using another mesh / orthos.

EDDK sub hdr

Installation is straightforward – unless or until you want to start reconfiguring the pre-programmed options – then…watch out. This is a huge, 2Gb file with tons of variations available, so proceed with caution. Or, just leave it all alone and enjoy the stock version. It’s all most of us will need.

EDDK comp 1

Once again, the UPS and FedEX facilities are front and center, but passenger options are solid here. Read about all the airlines and destinations here.

Still a solid 10/10 Must Have file. Don’t miss this update.



Just a few hundred miles south of Corfu, LGZA Zakynthos is sure to impress with its attention to detail and great location. Limited airline operations here due to sensitive environmental issues, this is nevertheless a sweet little airport file you’ll want to keep onboard for all your Homeric travels.  Details here.




LESA Salamanca, Spain arrives today freshly revised, and I’d say the results achieved here are worth updating your present installation. Better textures and an improved parking area are the standouts in Hades_ESP’s revision, but I’m not sure why that EMB-145 is parked on the roadway? Back-seat driver, perhaps?



Are you looking for a place to repel the latest invasion from our friends in Moscow? In need of a place to host your next post-apocalyptic UFO seminar? If so, look no further, because here at Cheerful Chuckies Cheapies Used Air Base Emporium we have everything you need to stoke all your paranoid fantasies and delusions. Need an airbase in those oh-so-easy to overrun “low countries?” Well friend, here you are, ready to go for a return engagement of all your worst nightmares – so why play “duck and cover” when you can rumble with the Big Boys right now? KC-10s, B-52s and all  manner of stealth aircraft are available to repel the slavic hordes as they rape and pillage their way across Western Europe. Our recycled bases won’t last long at these prices too, so stock up now while the price is right!

Y’all have a good day. Later – The Saint/XX116

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