x+s+r // LRCL Cluj International

xsr LRCL hdr

With the release of new files slowing to a trickle, it’s time to look at a few file we’ve had onboard for a while but never had time to review. We’ll look at one such new release today, and it’s a file that came out only a month or so ago, too. It’s off the beaten path – a little – but when you look at the location in Google Earth it may prove a little more convenient than a first glance conveys.

LRCL subhdr

LRCL Avram Iancu Cluj International is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and even a cursory look at the map below shows this airport is about as far east as Helsinki or Istanbul – in other words, right in the middle of the European action. Paris and Moscow are only 900 nmi distant, while Warsaw is less than 400 nmi. Bucharest and London-Luton are the two most traveled destinations, though the list of airlines and destinations is fairly long, only with WIZZ Air playing the Ryanair role here (they seem to fly everywhere).


A new control tower is in the planning stages, and there’s a new runway already complete and in-service. Below, the old terminal building – which now sees duty as a customs and immigration point of entry.

LRCL real 1

Reading over the file’s information, TerraMAXX integration is standard, and though there is an included winter file you’ll not need to use that if using TerraMAXX. Bravo and well done!

LRCL comp 1

The ramps (above)  are just about perfect for an airport of this size: cluttered, but decently so, and certainly not too cluttered. The good thing? Everything you see out there fits into the scene, from buses to fire fighting equipment to loaders. Static aircraft are perfect, as well, with WIZZair and TUI aircraft filling out the spaces. And, as you can see in the last image just above, there’s been a good amount of custom object placement in the neighboring cityscape. Once again, Bravo!

Night textures are a high point here, with very little in the way of smeary windows seen. In fact, once you start looking around you’ll find that there are many areas inside both major passenger buildings with modeled interiors, though the control tower’s textures are somewhat less convincing. The good news? Framerates remain decent despite the extra modeling.

LRCL comp 2n

Ramp lighting? Perfect. Interior model lighting? Very good, bordering on excellent. Parking lot and entry area details are similarly excellent.

LRCL comp 3

TerraMAXX integration is seamless and only a few objects (trees) remain green. The new terminal building (with the orange girders, below) has the most visible interior elements, and while good there are no people visible inside the terminal, or even near the departure gates.

LRCL comp 4

In the last image above, the blue taxiway is actually the old runway, now re-tasked. I had no trouble taxiing or taking off in either the Toliss A319 or the SSG 748i Freighter.

So, what we have here is an extremely well conceived and executed airport file that at first glance seems so far off the beaten path it’s just not going to prove useful. The reality is, however, somewhat different. With most central European destinations around 500 nmi distant, this file will provide a nice, two hour diversion from your usual route preferences.

Is this file worth it? Well, consider this. The price is less than 14USD, or about half the going price for a typical file in this size range. You’ll get a modeled interior, excellent textures, great runway and taxiway lighting, a partially modeled city-file, and integrated TerraMAXX compatibility.

So, once again…is this file worth the price?

Yes. In fact, it’s an easy 10 out of 10 Must Have file – and one that’s not as far off the beaten path as you probably thought. If you routinely fly to Greece, Turkey, Larnica-Cypress, Israel, or London-Luton, this is a file you won’t want to be without.

Have a good weekend, and we’ll see you next time – A

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