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Something new: see the Norwegian Wood item up above in the header? Click that link for an ongoing summary of all files in Norway, including download links and images. More than 20 so far, and we’ll be updating it as needed. Sweden and Finland will be added to this list next, so keep checking back if interested.

More good freeware to go over, so get out your notepad and sharpen those pencils! Ready? Let’s hit the road, Jack…


skycycle continues rounding out his Eastern Caribbean airports with his latest rendition of TFFF/Martinique. Nice custom objects and not so nice night textures (a bad case of the smeary-blues on the windows) define this effort, but this file is worth keeping around if you want to build a regional network with, for instance, TNCM as a major anchoring hub. You’ll also want to check out several of skycycles other files if that idea interests you.


Located about  halfway down the Windward Island chain, or halfway between Antigua and Grenada, this part of the Caribbean is smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Alley. Though on the leeward side of the island this airport has been pounded before. The smeary-blue window textures, straight out of Xp v9.0, are awful; the highway signs below that image show a cutoff for Austin, Texas off of Interstate 10 (the exit involved is in San Antonio, I believe), which is kind of funny and I assume an X-plane issue. And yes, that’s Rancho Cucamonga Estate housing just below, on the left; there’s not much in the way of custom object placement off the airport’s grounds, in other words. C’est la vie, and certainly no big deal.


That vintage Varig paint on the Toliss A319 is cherry. A few European carriers fly here, but this is in the North American target zone. An odd carrier? Norwegian Air Shuttle – flying here from Ft Lauderdale, JFK, and Providence, Rhode Island! How’s that for off the charts weird.

Full charts are available through all the usual sources.


We’d say this is a decent enough file to keep on hand; it’s not payware quality but neither is it dreadful. Until a good payware file is available, this one will do to get the job done.


LJLJ Comp 1day

I can remember versions of this file in v9 that were among the best freeware files we had. Well, a freshly revised version sporting a few Xp11 features is out and guess what? This file will rank as one of the better freeware files in X-plane yet again. If you don’t believe that…just study the image below – and all the little included details: the DHL freighter with loaders; the parking lots; the commercial buildings behind the terminal area; the brightly lighted ramps with enough animated carts and trucks to make things interesting. Look at the larger image above: seen better ramp markings? Good cars in the lots, decent window textures (night and day), and all on a custom ortho that does not detract from the overall effect at low level. Only issue? Not compatible with TerraMAXX.


Location? Just east of Venice, Italy, just south of Austria, and Adria Airways connects this airport to almost all of Europe, including (insert drumroll here) Corfu.


And yes, all the major charting packages cover this one, too.

LJLJ ILS30.jpg

This airport file offers serious quality yet framerates are still decent. And yes, this is STILL a favorite file around Chaos Manor, enough to earn a 10 out of 10 on the Must Have scale, and easily in the same league with more than a few payware files. You’ll find the file here.



Located on the Dutch coast quite near the borders of Belgium and France, this is a real sweet GA file. If working your way up the coast from Normandy to the North Sea or Baltic is your idea of heaven (it’s one of mine) you’ll want this file onboard. It’s an easy “must have” file. Get it here. No menu for the restaurant on hand, however.



This looks a little like a WIP file with the dark passenger terminal a little unsettling, but otherwise, and for the most part, this is a decent small commercial airport. There are GA ramps and air cargo facilities, in addition to the medium sized commercial terminal. The airport, which is located in Southeastern Poland, is serviced by LOT (non-stop to Newark, New Jersey!), Lufthansa – to EDDM, Ryanair (service to everywhere [and then some], including Corfu), as well as TUI (ooh – Corfu, too), so don’t ignore this one. I’m adding it to my Polish network, and you should consider it, as well. Get it here.



If you happen to be possessed with an overwhelming desire to fly to the absolute middle of nowhere, this file ought to make your shortlist. Sort of near Elko, Nevada (!!!) and SW of Twin Falls, Idaho (!!!!!) this is an abandoned WWII AAC emergency landing field turned over to the local Indian Reservation and redeveloped as a GA airport after the war. If flying from Idaho Falls to the San Francisco Bay area this will be near your route, should you run low on pusholine. Get it here, while supplies last.

So, I hear the fat lady singing, and I’m gonna beat feet while I can. Later – A

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