x+s+r // 5 april 2018

xsr esnx ed

Some new freeware to look at today, including two new, and very good, airports in central Sweden, as well as two new ones in the UK. First up, the “first flight” of the new GE9x, intended to power the Next Gen 777, being flown on GE’s 743 testbed aircraft. Talk about ungainly looking?

Okay. So, our first two airports are located in north-central Sweden, and a quick look at the map below will show you an interesting new flight opportunity, and perfect for the Leading Edge Saab 340:


Yup, a 400+ mile flight with multiple stops on the way to Helsinki. We’re familiar with EFVA, of course, but the two stops in Sweden are on our minds today, so let’s take a look at these two new files now.

ESNX hdr

A crisp ortho, clear photo-textures, and well placed custom objects mark this ESNX Arvidsjaur file as just about perfect. And, it’s a decent couple hours of flight OPS to either Helsinki or Stockholm in the Saab 340a, too. There’s already one Saab on the ramps, with passengers loading for ESSA Stockholm Arlanda. TUI also flies to Hannover; German auto manufacturers test their cars under the harsh winter conditions found here…which ought to tell you what flying in winter is like at this airport.

ESNX comp

In the image below, top right, you’ll see the only error I found in this file. The large garage blocks the roadway behind the airport. Beyond that, there’s little here that keeps this one from being pure X-plane perfection. Oh, be sure to open with Runway Follows Terrain Contours set to OFF, or you’ll find a serious anti-gravity experiment in progress (i.e., lots of floating buildings).

ESNX comp 2

Anyway, this is a 10/10 “must have file” for Scandinavian flyers, and we’ll be keeping this file onboard, too. It’s really excellent, a perfect small airport for the Saab 340a, GA and Rj OPs, too…


ESNU comp

This ESNU Umea file sports excellent orthos, and with AlpilotX’s v4 mesh and HD forest files onboard, you’ll find an airport as realistically sited as can be found in X-plane. I only question the scaling of window and object textures in the areas circled above. Something is either too big, or too small, in the area in from of the 738, and the flat auto textures look weird. Other than these two trivial issues, this is a very nice addition to the airports we’re picking up in Sweden this year. An easy 9/10, and a ‘Must Have File.’



Scottish Wings dropped off another pastoral airport, this one a bit more practical than whimsical. Still, you can hear summertime all over this file…asking – ‘is winter is over yet?’ This is X-plane perfection, writ small. Don’t forget the bug spray.



EGNL is a paulmort file, by the creator of the PM Library, so you know lots of interesting objects will be found all over this file, and not just on the airport’s grounds. Have fun on this easter egg hunt!



An update to this important NZAA file came in this weekend, offering more Xp11 compliance and separate files for Xp10 & 11. Don’t miss this one.

Adios, and Happy Flights – A


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