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xsr lukk hdr

Welcome Back my friends, to the show that never ends…

Apologies to ELP, but that Welcome Back just seemed to fit the mood of the day. Lots going on, including a few important revisions to get onboard – and a good sale in case you’ve been remiss and not picked up a few Must Have files – so let’s jump right in and see what’s what.

esgg rev

RunawayBot’s ESGG Landvetter Airport is now at v1.1.1 and he’s tweaking textures and adding buildings. I’d say he still has a ways to go, but this is a good time to update this one, as it’s looking very nice right now. Time to start adding cars and trucks, I’d say.

LSEZ rev

A critical patch was released for the Matterhorn Park file; it fixes some issues with the heliport in Zermatt (LSEZ). A separate patch file is available so you won’t have to download the entire file again. Go to your accounts at the Org Store and check your download page; you’ll see the link for the patch on your purchase page for the Park file.

DD sale

In case you missed it, the Org has a fairly nice sale going on for the next week on all Drzewiecki Designs files. That’s Reagan National in Washington, D.C., above, a part of the Washington DC City file. It’s the best version of this airport currently available, and right now the price is right.


EGAD Newtownards is a sweet little GA facility with a lot of adjacent city details included. The airport is located east of Belfast, Northern Ireland, as you can see here:

EGAD chart

This one has a good feel about it, and this would  make a sweet ride down to Dublin in a Bonanza or Baron. Again, check out the link here.


Butte Montana is famous for the massive Anaconda Copper Mines just north of the city, but it’s also close to Yellowstone National Park and the Lewis & Clark Trail, including the Lewis & Clark Caverns just to the east. KBTM is one of the older airports in this part of the world and played an integral part in the development of cross country airmail service. Note that Delta Airlines, not Delta Connection, flies into here from KSLC, and they typically use 737s up here. This airport file is well done, with a custom GA FBO and a Legobrick terminal. An interesting route would take you from here to Idaho Falls, then on to Salt Lake. The link for the file is right here.



Here’s a well developed file in far northern Sweden; there’s all kinds of scheduled commercial service up here, too, including Norwegian, Transavia, SAS, and Enter. Can’t find it? Look up here:


You’ll find the file here.


LUKK hdr

Yes, I found this one “On Sale” at the Org this weekend and picked it up, and the price was seriously inexpensive. And yes, this is one of DDs earliest files for Xp, so no doubt it’ll be a waste of time and money…uh-huh, sure it will…

So…Chisinau…as in the capital of Moldova. I know, don’t ask…here it is:


But, ah-ha…consider this…Warsaw: 500 nmi; Vienna: 600 nmi; Munich: 800 nmi. Okay, you getting the picture now? You can tie this one quite easily to any of the airports in southern Poland, then go right into the Baltic Route Network we established last November. Or try here to Vienna, then on to EDDF. Feeling adventurous? Try Rome or Genoa.


What you’ll find at LUKK is a brilliantly conceived and executed small commercial airport, with an exceptional main terminal – complete with an early example of a fully modeled interior. There are several other standout features here too, notably the control tower(s) and the surrounding commercial developments. Also, you’ll want to check out the static aircraft on display, including the aircraft at the highway entrance to the airport!


Not to repeat myself, but this is a remarkably good file. Runways and taxiways are exceptional, lighting is perfect, and there’s a fair amount of clutter on the ramps.


Yes, the fire station is perfectly modeled, but the control towers will jump right out and grab you – because they don’t look like a model in X-plane, but rather the real thing, brought into X-plane.


And yes, did I mention…the interior is modeled…

Modeling the interior of a terminal building is an exercise fraught with risk. Build too much and you’ll devastate frame rates; go with too little and the exercise will become pointless. A good rule of thumb for modeling an interior can be summed-up like this: if the interior is visible where a pilot will see it when pulling up to the gate – any gate – it’s a good idea to include it in a flight sim product. Building a massive entryway concourse that no pilot will ever see is a total waste of time, but, as you can see here, the modeled interior is visible to any aircraft passing on the ramps, right behind those buses. When you taxi by this feature reaches out and grabs your attention, too.


The file rests on a small ortho so TerraMAXX doesn’t work here, but the surrounding countryside has vineyards and forests, and the nearby city has what appears to be a few custom buildings, too. The overall effect is very good, and quite immersive too.


So yes, this was an impulse but and all of a sudden I can see all kinds of use for this airport. Hauling air cargo from here to southern Poland in the EADT 737/7 is first on my list, then on to Leipzig-Halle, and I’d rate this one a solid 10 out of 10 on the Must Have scale. Again, it’s on sale at the Org this week, and this was a great surprise. I think you’ll like this one; it makes a good first impression then only gets better after that.

And finally, introducing the all new Hovertronic A320 Super-Duper Edition, from GotRot Designs:


Y’all have a good week – A

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