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The announcements came hard and fast this morning. StairPORT, the developer behind aeroSOFT’s LSZH Zurich, announced they’ll bring all their airport scenery files into working compliance with TerraMAXX. This is significant for a couple off reasons, so take note. The first: aeroSOFT has, in effect, put their muscle behind TerraMAXX; the second, TerrraMAXX has been recognized by prominent members of the development community as stable, full-featured, attractive, and cost effective – for them as well as consumers (note: this revised file is out less than one week after TerrraMAXX released). I would say that within one week, TerraMAXX has become. almost over night, one of the most important utilities in X-plane. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is the time. And yes, that statement is aimed at scenery developers as well as end users.

Keep in mind, just a few days ago LSZH looked like this with TerraMAXX active:


Now? It’s a brand new day. Wanna see more? Just keep scrolling…

LSZH Tap overhead


LSZH 777 2ov

LSZH pit 1

LSZH Finn 1


LSZH 777 1


Developers? Get the word out as soon as your files are ready to go; this is a sales opportunity that doesn’t come along every day of the week. End users in X-plane…rejoice! Our sim just got a whole lot better! We’ll help get the word out to you as more airports are converted, too, and as always, with lots of images.

Oh, our take on the Hungary VFR file follows this post, so GA flyers? Don’t miss out, okay?

Later – C

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