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We rarely start the day off with the image of a helipad, but really…look at this one, would you? As helipads go this is about as good as it gets. It’s big, it’s got nice lighting to provide landing cues AND depth, and it’s got white floods on all four corners to accent the PBR lighting on DFs Bell 407! What’s not to like!? And besides, it looks kewl!

And this pad is part of the latest work by ruifo, whose first files Down Mexico Way we looked at a few weeks back. His work tends to rely on Laminar’s Lego-brick objects so they’re easy on the framerates, the details are there where you want them, and the lighting is spot on. We’ll start out by placing these three latest airports in context with his earlier files, then run through each. We’ll also take a look at a fairly new FsX conversion for ESMS Malmo, Sweden, as well as the latest from ScottishWings – a whimsical little heliport up near a northern town.

If you’re ready, let’s hit the trail and see what’s up.


Down Mexico Way, Part II

The three airports we’re looking at today are commercial facilities, and the first, MMMY General Mariano Escobedo International Airport in Monterrey is a vital strategic gateway linking manufacturing facilities to their US headquarters. MMVA Carlos Rovirosa Pérez International Airport is located near Campeche Bay and the Mayan ruins at Palenque, while MMTG Ángel Albino Corzo International is located further south, in Mexico’s mountainous Central Highlands region.


As mentioned, MMMY General Mariano Escobedo International Airport is a gateway airport to US manufacturers, and befitting this status all three US legacy carriers fly here (American, Delta, and United); also, many of the regional Mexican carriers offer service to local as well as North American destinations. Also, note that Interjet operates here, so here’s your opportunity to fly a Sukhoi over Houston, Las Vegas, or San Antonio…!

Again, these are Lego-brick airports and it’s amazing what can be accomplished with these tools. And…of course, framerates are excellent.

Mex 5

Two things to note in the image below: lots of manufacturers warehouses surround the airport and there are some REALLY big mountains in the area.

Mex 7

And you can see this mountainous terrain west of the airport, and note that as the city is nestled up against these mountains, smog can be an issue.

mex 8

Look over the airport in Google Earth and you’ll see the file maintains good fidelity to the original:


And this is part of terminal A (below), and note the chart following. Ramps are a little bare here, the pavement a little too new looking.

mex 4

MMMY map

The air cargo area is very well developed, as you might expect (see chart just above).

Mex 2

Mex 3

All in all, a great effort and a large airport with direct flights to the US and regional cities.


Next up, MMVA Carlos Rovirosa Pérez International is located near Campeche Bay and Villahermosa. Campeche Bay is, if unfamiliar, the center of Mexico’s offshore oil exploration and drilling industry, hence 1) the great helipad noted above and 2) there’s direct service to Houston via UAL. Beyond that, this is a sweet little file with all kinds of excellent details lurking in the shadows.


You’ll also find that regional carriers fly direct to most medium and large cities throughout Mexico.


There’s something about this one…it just works and looks especially nice from the cockpit. The helipads are, as mentioned, really very good, and the cargo area is just excellent.



Those boxy looking structures appear quite detailed in daylight, and there’s loads of animated traffic in the area to keep up the interest.


As noted, this airport serves as a gateway to the Mayan ruins at Palenque. Unfamiliar?


All in all, this is a really nice addition for multiple reasons, an easy 10 on the Lego-brick scale.


Last up, MMTG Ángel Albino Corzo International, and this airport is located in Mexico’s mountainous central highlands region. Because of the cool weather and numerous archeological sites, this has become a very popular tourist area. An interesting aside: look over the airport in Google Earth and you’ll see the BizJet ramps are as big as the commercial ramps. And…so it is in this file!


Again, Lego-brick terminal and hangers, but they’re skillfully deployed and the overall effect is quite good, even better at night. This guy is a pro.



MMTG 4.png

MMTG 4.1

Bizjets and a tank farm…they kind of go hand-in-hand, don’t they? With your American Express Black Card, I’d say.


We can’t wait to see what ruifo has in stock for us next time. His choice of airports is very good, and now, all of a sudden we have a half dozen great airports to work with in Mexico. That’s one person’s effort making a difference, eh?


ESMS Malmo is located in SW Sweden, quite near Denmark, and all I can say after looking at this one for a while is someone sure must have made a good deal on yellow paint. Wow. Subtle this is not.

Malmo 1

This airport does fit into just about any Baltic route network you enjoy flying, and there are flights to ESSB as well as Helsinki from here, as well.


Look over the list of airlines working out of this one (here) and tell me if you don’t see a few surprises. Tehran, anyone?

Malmo 2

This is, as mentioned, an older FsX conversion sitting on an ortho, though it’s not complete yet – as the developer is posting his work as he goes along. I’ve been following it for a while and its reached a decent state of usefulness now, so you might give it a try on your next flight to Iran.

Malmo 3

Malmo 6

Night textures? Yup, the dreaded smeary blues, but there are a few exceptions. Still, this is freeware, isn’t it? Besides, quite a bit of other detail you’ll see here is really quite good. For a WIP file, it’s impressive.

Malmo 7


Now, for our last file a little flight of fancy – from Scottish Wings.

ScotWings 2


Loads of little details tucked in out of the way places, and anyway, my poor white 412 needs a fresh coat of paint, and who better to do that than SW hisself!!!

Anyway, that’s all she wrote today. Y’all have fun, and we’ll seeya next time. – C

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